Sunday, March 6, 2011

When Your Dream Is Conceived In Truth It Can NEVER Die

Amazing how you can hear a song for decades and it doesn't resonate with you until it's time.  The other day I remained in my vehicle until this song played out.  I thought about you....  Be inspired.  xo ~Itiel


  1. When I started this hobby now business venture, this was the initial name of my company. This was due to the words in this song and the one by Sounds of Blackness w/the same name. Although I have since changed the name of my company, the lyrics continue to speak to me. We have this gift that is within us that is waiting to come alive.

  2. Dcyrill, so cool of you to comment with your story. You are so right about the lyrics speaking to you-I have not stop thinking about them and what they mean to me.


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