Monday, March 31, 2008

Mothudi Family Needs The Village

I just received this email from another extraordinary mom. Please read the below, and consider being a part of Monique's bold request. If you can help Aqa in her battle for her life with money great! If not, if you have a website or blog, link up a donate button, or do a write-up and add link to Aqa's page. If you are a retailer, donate a portion or all proceeds to Aqa. If you have an email list, send this email to all of those on your list. Most of all keep Aqa in your mind and heart.

Thank you for your time,

Itiel McVay

Message from my friend:

Hey Good People:

It has taken me several months to gather up the courage to send this note. To be honest, I was feeling extremely uncomfortable about soliciting funds from people that I know--even if it is for one of my friends who is very ill. But when I left my bathroom this morning, I ran across a message that I had painted on the wall and that is--make bold requests!

You can read the details of my friend's illness below or on her web site ( But the bottom line is that she is in a battle for her life--fighting breast cancer and fighting an immune disease called sarcoidosis.

Like me, she is a wife and mother. In fact, we've been pregnant at the same time--twice. For all purposes, she could be me and I could be her. Many of you know that my mother died in 2006. But you may not know that my mother died of the condition sarcoidosis, it progressively destroyed her liver and I sat helplessly by as she died a horrible very painful death.

My biggest regret is that I was unable to do more for my mom to help save her life so that she could enjoy the grandchildren that she loved so much. I tried to research doctors, get her on the liver transplant list, and look into cures for her condition. I even wrote to celebrities to see if we could access their doctors, but for my mom, every effort I tried continued to escape me. It's too late for her.

But it is not too late for my friend. She is a living breathing human being that needs our help. The funds she is raising is to help her to undergo a series of treatments at the Oasis of Hope Hospital in Mexico ( Unfortunately, her health insurance plan does not cover any of the expenses at the alternative cancer center. I'm familiar with the challenges of our health care system. Before my mother would even be considered for a liver transplant, she had to show that she could pay the $250,000 that would be required and that money had to be paid in advance. That's the way today's health system works.

So I am boldly asking that you give a donation to my friend for a very worthy cause. I know I haven't spoken to some of you in a while, let me apologize for that but I ask that you give anyway. There are some of you on the list that may think we aren't even that tight--well, as long as we're both living we have the opportunity to change that. I'm still asking that you give anyway.

I can't tell you how much to give, I'm just asking that you do give. And please give today (I told you it was a bold request!). You can give by going to the web site (, calling the hotline (888) 812-8889) to coordinate a drop off, or dropping your check in the mail.

Thanks in advance for your generosity.

Wishing you all the joy your heart can stand,


Letter from the Mothudi Family:

Dear Family, Friends and Supporters,

In the spirit of Umoja, we'd like to introduce you to a family in urgent need of support at this time. Aqa Aakhu Ebiemu Mothudi, wife and mother of three young children, was diagnosed with breast cancer a little over a year ago. We are now on a life-saving mission to help the Mothudi Family to secure funding for the treatment necessary to help her to become cancer-free. We are Sum Friends, a committee comprised of friends, colleagues, family and extended family that has come together to meet this critical objective. You are receiving this letter because the person sending it to you considers you to be someone willing to assist a family in need. You can help by contributing whatever you can and by forwarding this appeal to others.

The family has done a considerable amount of research and received lots of information from conventional doctors, alternative doctors and other medical professionals. Aqa Aakhu has undergone chemotherapy and surgery, however, the cancer has not responded to these treatments. The chemotherapy weakened her heart, placing her at a high risk for further complications should she continue using conventional treatment alone. As a result, the family is convinced that Aqa Aakhu's long-term health will best be served by focusing on a combined alternative and conventional treatment plan. Unfortunately their health insurance doesn't cover such treatments, so we are asking for your support in raising funds to cover these expenses. Their first major milestone is $35,000, which will allow Aqa Aakhu to undergo a series of treatments at the Oasis of Hope Hospital.

Please visit the website at for more details and to make a donation to support this family in a time of great need. You can contribute using Pay Pal or via mail. If you live in the New York area you can call the Sum Friends Hotline at (888) 812-8889 to coordinate a cash drop-off of your donation. Thanks in advance for your caring and for your kind assistance in the spirit of unity.


Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hey Mann, Lizz Wright

Lizz Wright's Latest Album- The Orchard
Hey Mann
Hey mann, Whatcha doing here? I don't remember letting you in.
Hey mann,
How'd you get in here?
You're in my heart without consent.
I always took pride in my self control, To my heart only I had the key.
But something's gone wrong
in my radar screen.
You slipped by
and you captured me.
I done all I could to keep my head clear, Logic tells me that this should never be, But there's no mistaken the shape I'm in,
Love has filled my every waking day.
Now here's the strangest thing, A day has come I thought I'd never see, I walk smiling in a light glow
and I'm calling out your name,
I've lost the battle,
and I'm quite well pleased


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tip:Breathe Deeply

A lot of us go about our day doing the typical shallow breathing. Never stopping to think that our body (cells and organs) is not gaining any benefit from that type of breathing. From previous post I mentioned how I love high intensity workouts, at least 2-3 days a week. One of the reasons I do enjoy it so much, is because of euphoric and calming effects from breathing.

I was sent an article on breathing the other day from Bloom. Cool, because now when I miss my workouts, I can do these breathing exercises to give my body what it is yarning for, OXYGEN!

I do these exercises with my daughters in between lessons and throughout the day. Try them with your children--not to young to learn how to take control of their bodies.

Calming breath:
Close one nostril and inhale. Exhale from the other nostril.

This technique helps in relaxation, overcoming insomnia and fatigue, decreasing headaches, improving digestion and decreasing anxiety and depression.

Relaxing breath:
Exhale twice as long as the inhale.

This technique releases more toxins and stress from the body and can help you fall asleep, decrease anger and reduce physical discomfort or pain.

Stimulating breath:
Take rapid inhales and exhales of equal length through your nose.

This stimulates your nervous system and delivers more oxygen to the cells, helping them function more efficiently.

Here's the complete write-up from Bloom

To your health,