Friday, August 2, 2013

"Would you like plastic or glass?" | Smell Good Spa™

Hey there!  I need your input.  Can you help me? Today, the question I'm posing on social network is... Do you prefer bath products packaged in glass (eco-friendly) or plastic (safety)?

I asked King T., because bath goods for men are often packaged in plastic.  He said, "Plastic." Why? "It's safer. It's easier." Is it because that's what you are use to seeing? "No. But as I think about it, I can clearly see why plastic is used."

Then my thoughts traveled to my mother.  She has a scar directly above her ankle, from a cut that happened over 50 years ago.  Years ago milk was delivered in glass bottles.  One morning she picked up the bottle, it slipped out of her hand, and yup, blood was mixing into the milk.  A large piece of glass was sticking in her leg.

So what say you? Plastic? Glass?

Thanks for your help.