Wednesday, June 19, 2013

{Tip} "I really don't like that vacuum cleaner bag smell." | Smell Good Spa™

My longtime social bud, Dahlia DeWinters, tagged me on Facebook the other day. So of course I want to share this tip with you.

Woman of the house, do you sometimes find yourself hating to vacuum, because of that yucky smell that blows out from the vacuum bag? Shep over at Lifehacker gives an easy peasy tip on how to have an aromatherapy experience while vacuuming.

If you have our Signature Fragrance Oil (ahem, if not, why don't you?), you can also use it for that method. And as one commenter suggested, a few drops of our fragrance blends can be added to the bag, too.

Hope you find this tip useful.


Monday, June 17, 2013

Wife to Wife, Have You Buffed Your Booty Today? | Smell Good Spa™

Stop! If you are a woman entrepreneur working from home, and your husband works outside of the home; a wife and husband dynamic duo working from home together; or a stay-at-home mom, whatever you do....don't stop looking inviting.

Wait. I have a business to operate, children to tend to. You mean to tell me that I need to look good for this man too?! Actually, you need to look good for yourself; Give your man something to appreciate.

It's very easy to lose interest in your appearance when you work from home. Don't go there.  A good man (not to be confused with an adult male) will almost never bring up the change in the effort his woman puts into her appearance.  But, when she embraces that sexiness again, he can't help but notice.  Here are ways to keep your sexy, and to continue being THE eye candy for your husband.

  • Change Up Your Gear - Sweatpants can be sexy, but, if you're wearing that same black pair, that's borderlining gray.... Um, yeah.  Pair knit leggings with a racerback tank, and take notice of the gleam in his eyes when he walks through the door, or, his boy-like glances throughout the day. Not only are knit leggings comfortable for you, they also accentuate those curves he admires; Racerback tanks showoff the entire area of your kissable shoulders. Add knit skirts and knit dresses into the change-up mix too.
  • Length Doesn't Matter - Long hair, short hair, dreadlocks, afro, straight hair, low cut.... It doesn't matter how you wear your hair. But, what does matter is how nice it looks to him. For ease and style, accessories are excellent for adorning the hair.  There's no need to try out a new hairstyle everyday. Besides, would you have the time?  Decorative hair clips, barrettes, bandanas, and stunning headbands are simple ways to showoff your womanly beauty.
  • Buff The Booty! - Come on wives - you know that love taps on the butt are a daily show of affection. Why not keep it smooth for that wind down time?  *Wink*  Create a husband-only zone by using a sugar scrub to keep the skin on the booty and thighs buffed, and smooth to the touch. 

Wives, do you ever find yourself taking care of everything and everyone else, forgetting that you're a woman oozing with femininity, fun, flirt, and sensuality?  What do you do to keep your sexiness, and to continue being THE eye candy for your husband?

Be whole,

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Happy National Fragrance Week! | Smell Good Spa™

Get your olfactory senses ready. It's party time!

National Fragrance Week is about celebrating cologne, perfume and all things good-smelling. That includes scented candles, potpourri, soaps and lotions, flowers, and even food.

Relish In A Spa-At-Home Moment - A perfect spa moment begins with the sense of smell; Sweet smoke from incense sticks, fragrance oil simmering in an oil burner, or scented soy wax in a fragrance lamp. 
Sweet Dreams - Let your olfactory senses lull you to sleep. Spray your sheets with a wholesome linen spray and sleep like a baby.
#360Love - Welcome aromatic bliss into your family's life.  A family that smells good together, stays together. *Big Smile*

Come along with us as we celebrate all week!

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See you at the party!