Itiel's Story

     In 1998, my husband turned to me and said, "We should start a business online, selling fragrance oils and incense." Okay!

     Oftentimes interviewers ask if I always wanted to be a businesswoman. When I was a pre-teen I knew that I wanted to be married and have children by a certain age, and everything else would fall into place. In other words, I made a decision. At the age of seventeen it came to me that when I did get married and have children, I would educate my children at home. There again, I made a decision. I knew that I was skilled in many areas, and that I never had a challenge rising to any occasion.  So when my husband came to me with that brilliant idea…you guessed it; I made a decision.

     I decided to only provide good smelling products that would bring smiles to people’s faces. I wanted to have fun and yet bring peace and joy to those who used what I created. I do that to this day, and as business progressed and time went on, I made another decision; to evolve into a better woman. Once I was liberated in that way, my purpose became more deliberate and I consciously stirred, mixed, blended, poured, dipped, labeled and packaged that feeling into each and every product, no matter the size.  My whole self is given with each and every creation, and my heart calls for those devoted wives, loving mothers, and conscious women committed to the practice of actually living their wholeness as well. 

     My tagline, live good.feel good.smell good.™, came to me one day while processing orders. It's a simple statement, but for me it speaks volumes about what I want to infuse into other people's lives. The tagline was always in my actions and words, but it came together in that simple sentence when my personal evolution through self-healing became front and center in my life. The message behind that tagline is meant to express the simplicity in having self-respect, and the positive results from having self-respect pours out onto your family, humankind and all living things. It's a conscious thought of peace and I invite you now to indulge in that experience with every single sniff.

     I am here to serve, create, and give. On purpose.

Women, be whole.