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Seven Ways to Sexy | Smell Good Spa™

You know I am all about women being whole in every aspect of their lives, and self-care is a part of that complete package.

The other day on G+, my social friend Dahila DeWinters shared one of her great blog posts. Immediately, I knew I had to share with my readers. So, I sent her a quick message on Facebook, to invite her to come and share this with you. This post fits right into the live good.feel good.smell good.™ experience.  Let me know if you do or will do any of these tips. Hopefully #3 is a tip you do already. ;o)

Seven Ways to Sexy
by Dehila DeWinters

I must admit the cooler days are a welcome relief after the sweltering days of summer that we just went through up here in NJ.  This is the time of year where the makeup colors change and it’s time for a fresh fall start.
Though I am a woman of a certain age, with three children and a rescue dog, I try to keep things hopping when it comes to feeling, well, feminine.  While driving a mini-van and making lunches may not seem like the optimal way to seem sexy, it’s not always about what’s on the outside.
Let me share my seven ways to sexy with you.
1) Wear a vibrant color.  I’m an Aries and my power color is red.  If you don’t believe in astrology, pick a bright fall color and wear the heck out of it.  It doesn’t have to be a shirt.  Try an bright orange scarf as an accent around your neck, red jeweled earrings or a hairband in a bright color.
2) Smile.  I’m not talking about a cheesy grin.  Smile like you’ve got a secret, like you’re on your way to a rendezvous with your favorite fantasy (whoever that might be).  Too many people walk around frowning.  Stand out with that little Mona Lisa smile on your face.
3) Wear a new scent.  No, don’t drench yourself in perfume.  Try a body oil, which gives a subtle smell that changes and warms with your body temperature.
4) Make a change.  If you don’t wear makeup, pick one item to try, such as a new lip gloss color, a different color eyeshadow or even a new tinted moisturizer.  If you’re a makeup maven, try a color that you’ve always wanted to try.

5) Invest in a good bra.  I know you’ve heard it a million times but a lot of women walk around wearing the wrong sized bra.  I’ll let you in on a secret.  A good fitting bra is the basics of feeling and looking good.  When you can throw your shoulders back and the gals are supported….nothing like it. Good posture is always sexy.
6) Splurge on expensive tights.  I love the cooler weather because I can stock up on tights.  I’m a huge fan of Spanx….and not just because of the name.
7) Listen to sexy music.  Whatever floats your boat here. Prince, Barry White, Hall and Oates, Fiona Apple….it’s wide open.  Pick a playlist that gives you that lovin’ feeling and enjoy!
What are some ways that you give yourself a pick me up?  Tell Dahila...  List ‘em in the comments!
Dahila DeWinters is an erotic and sensual multicultural romance author published with Liquid Silver Books, Evernight Publishing, Mocha Memoirs Press, Amira Press and Sugar and Spice Press. You can visit her at

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

{Video} Itiel McVay's Story | Smell Good Spa™

It was my pleasure to sit and have a conversation with Brooke Brimm, for the Sistir: Arts & Crafts Series.  Below is the conversation in three parts (they're edited like trailers - great job on her part).

Video 1 - Purpose

Video 2 - Family Business

Video 3 - Self Journey

You can read more details about Itiel's Story here.

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