Monday, July 9, 2012

Are You Defining Your Business Culture? | Smell Goods '98™

Culture: The sum total of ways of living built up by a group of human beings, and transmitted from one generation to another.

Business Culture was one of the topics on the table in our last monthly meeting.  It is a topic discussed many times while working, and now every meeting we will go over the checklist, for accountability purposes.

#TeamSpirit* is a behavior added to our Business Culture foundation.

#TeamSpirit is about getting the hard work done to play hard.  Now to many this seems like Family Night or family time.  And you would be correct, to some extent.  We believe that there isn't any separation in business and family.  I do not mean external family, I mean the man you are 100% committed to, who is 100% committed to you, and the offspring that comes out of that commitment.  You are a team+family= Teamily.

As you know, defining a behavior can lower morale or boost morale.  Simply transforming family time into #TeamSpirit has created the latter.  The mindset is business centered, getting done all the necessary hard work and projects, as a team, to play harder, as a team.  This is a foundation being built by a family in business, for the future team members and their families.  Not only our internal team members, but those we work with virtually.  Our vision: to gather for fun; to travel with our Team.  They will become a part of our Teamily.  That is one of the things that I really like about Tom Joyner, his team travels and just do a lot of fun things, together.  Keeping the morale boosted.

We have several #TeamSpirit activities planned for the remainder of the year.  Which means we have a lot of projects on the table too.  A simple phrase created so much buzz, and understanding of the will to get things done, to have that reward.  The pictures are from this weekend's #TeamSpirit.  Trust, it wasn't just a game night.  LOL.  Boy, these people are serious!  By people, I mean me... *wink*.  We are all energized and ready for this week's to-do list.

So this is just one piece of our Business Culture.  What's yours?

*A familiar hash-tag used on Instagram (Smell Goods 98).