Wednesday, October 30, 2013

{How To} The Deets on Our 5 Fab Moisturizers | Smell Good Spa™

Most women with mature skin (25+ Yes, skin begins maturing that early.) have discovered that not all moisturizers are formulated equally.  However, many are not sure which moisturizers to use throughout the seasons nor on a daily basis, to achieve optimal skin hydration.  I am listing five of our fab moisturizers, and giving you the deets on the when, why and how.  Ready?

When: Nurturing Tea Body Lotion should be used to hydrate the skin throughout the day. It can be used all year round.

Why:  Prevents epidermal water loss.  Formulated with wholesome ingredients you want, and none of the harsh ingredients you don't; for mature skin and all skin types.

How: Apply to skin between bathing times.

Do you apply lotion after bathing? Why?  Besides getting cleaned skin, bathing adds moisture (water) to the skin, and opens up the pores.  That is the best to time to seal the moisture into the skin.  Use an emollient (no water content).

When: Body Spreads can be used all year round. 

Why: These nurturing body butters are excellent for caring for hyper-pigmented skin, while maintaining hydrated skin.  

How: Apply to moist skin after bathing. Or apply to hyper-pigmented areas between bathing times.

When: Pure Body Balm is effective during autumn and winter. 

Why: Formulated to hug the skin; locks in the moisture all day long.  Rejuvenates dehydrated skin.  Soothes itchy skin.  Additionally, PBB is a protective barrier for your skin, against cold air. 

How: Apply to moist or dry skin.  Can even be applied to clean, damp hair.  

When: Marinade is a great summer-time moisturizer. 

Why: Light-weight moisturizer that penetrates the skin effectively.  No oily skin in the summer - just a healthy, bronzy glow.  Formulated to give some protection to hyper-pigmented areas exposed to the sun.

How: Spritz on after bathing. 

When: Lush is best for the spring and summer seasons, however, it can be applied year round. 

Why: Conditions the skin to maintain a youthful appearance: keeps the skin supple, smooth, and retains moisture in the skin.  Light-weight moisturizer; Formulated to give some protection to hyper-pigmented areas exposed to the sun.

How: Apply to moist skin after bathing.  Can be applied to clean, damp hair. 

I use all of these products consistently, using the methods that I am sharing with you.  In my early thirties, people thought I was my children's big sister.  Now I am almost forty, and even with gray strands in my hair, more and more compliments come my way about being their sister. Although the compliments are nice, I am happy that I am making the right choices to grow older gracefully.

Hey beautiful, I create with your live good, feel good, smell good experience in mind.

Are you making the choice to grow older gracefully?

Be Whole,