Monday, April 22, 2013

The Why I Hate Perfume Article | Smell Good Spa™

When I learned that my children's 4H leader has seizures that trigger easily, I told her that I would not wear fragrance around her. She insisted that I did not stop: "For some reason your perfume does not bother me, in fact, it's very soothing." When she learned it was fragrance/scented oil: "I wish more women would wear that instead." Many women (and men) ditto those words.

I don't know about you, but I've noticed that over the past three decades something reeks with perfume. The feminine-form-like bottles are stunning as ever, but after being lured to the bottle and taking a sniff, I think wait, didn't I just smell this one. I am disappointed by the change, because perfume was something that really said, "Woman", to me when I was a little girl. The packaging then wasn't even as sleek - it was simple, and scent notes were distinguishable. Even a drugstore brand like Jean Nate (Revlon) gave me olfactory joy as a kid. That was the fragrance that made me fall in love with sandalwood. Sadly, even that formula is no longer the same. Then there was Bijan! Loved how that fragrance caressed my aunt's skin. No thank you to scented alcohol masquerading as perfume, give me aromatic, liquid gems that gift my olfactory senses with warmth, fun, joy & peace....give me fragrance oil.  

Michelle Persad, a writer over at Huffington Post, gives us her thoughts on perfume in her recent article Why I Hate Perfume. Check it out

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