Monday, January 31, 2011

Is It A... Soap? Mask? Shampoo? | Smell Good Spa™

Saponify some dried plantain skins, along with some palm leaves and cocoa powder, add a good amount of palm kernel'll have one of the most beautiful gifts from Ghana.  Raw African Black Soap.  Often confused with the dark black soap labeled Black Soap.  No, that one is cocoa butter soap dyed black.  Not a bad soap, but not authentic, and does not bare the effective properties, nor, the versatility as Raw African Black Soap.  Raw African Black Soap has the most beautiful characteristics: it's crumbly, but yet can be molded back together; has a robust nutty aroma; lathery all the way down to the very last crumb (no kidding).

Raw African Black Soap is a....

.....soap- a nourishing skin cleaner; great for clearing up marks on skin.
.....mask- attracts impurities from the skin.  Apply a thin layer onto wet skin; allow to dry; rinse off.
.....shampoo- get a clarifying clean without stripping the scalp and hair.

Raw African Black Soap can be strong on the skin/scalp.  This varies from batch-to-batch, and is due to the amount of lye (saponification process) used.

Solution: Dilute it.  Place the soap into a container (slightly larger that the soap itself).  Fill the container with warm water (just enough to cover the bottom).  Soap that sits in water dissolves.  When you are ready to use the soap, pour a bit of the water into your hands, lather up.  The same water can be poured into a bottle, to use for shampooing the hair.  Soap can be cut into pieces to help speed the dissolving process.

Raw African Black Soap can be purchased in its beautiful form, and, in our Organic Love Body Wash.

Be whole,

Friday, January 28, 2011

Goodies For The Fro' Fashion Week Models

Fro' Fashion Week in Atlanta.  Google it!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Congratulations To.....

Thank you to all who attended our Blog Celebration.  *Blowing Kisses*  The next celebratory giveaway will be when our Facebook Page reaches 500 (not far from it).

The Chocolate Truffle mini combo was the leader.  The winner is:

Congratulations Keish! *Confetti Falling*

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Welcome & *Waves*

Greetings to all new blog followers!  Very happy that you are here.  Always feel free to share and give input.  Live. Laugh. Love. Oh, and, Smell Good. ;o)

Sincerely & Aromatically,

Monday, January 17, 2011

Model Call For 'Fro Fashion Week

It is my pleasure to help the women in my network.  Below is a flyer from Vue Entertainment.  Be at that location, at that date, if you are interested.

Olfactory Moment 1/17

It has been awhile since I posted about Olfactory Moment.  We have some new Followers (yay)!  We would love to know about your OM from this past weekend.

Olfactory- Of, relating to, or contributing to the sense of smell.
Moment- A specific point in time, especially the present time. OR. A particular period of importance, influence, or significance in a series of events or developments.

How significant are the moments in your life? Do you take the time to live in your moments? Do you just go about aimlessly, taking your senses for granted?

What is the Olfactory Moment? The Olfactory Moment is when you tell the readers what aroma or odor you smelled over the weekend. What memory did it recreate? Was it a scent that you may never forget, thus creating future memories of that past moment?


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Benefits of the Underrated Butter :: What's In It? Series

Garcinia Indica aka Kokum Butter originates from India.  Often underrated, but it is one of the hardest and stable vegetable butters. 

Kokum Butter's Benefits To You:
  • More quickly absorbed into skin without a greasy feeling.
  • Prevents dry skin and wrinkles.
  • Helps regenerates skin cells.
  • Softens skin.  
  • Ability to heal fissures on hands and feet.

Kokum Butter can be found in our Lush Body Butter.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Swag Bag Goodies 4 Yagolicious Beauty Event

Read Jamie's write-up about Yagolicious on for colored gurls.

Blog Celebration! Giveaway! Everyone is welcome.

I am celebrating having 100 blog Followers!  Everyone is welcome to participate.  However, if you are not a follower of this blog, you are more than welcome to become one - click the button to the right (bottom) and follow.   Also, connect with me on Twitter and Facebook.

Since I am in a celebratory spirit, lets celebrate a new addition to the Smell Goods '98™ line!  That's right, that will be the giveaway item.

This is going to be a super easy giveaway. :o)

You will need to vote (1 vote per person) on one of the two items below.  The item that receives the most votes will be given away.  If your vote is for item #1 you will not be counted in the random drawing for item #2, vice versa. 

Ahhh, yes, many of you have expressed your enthusiasm about this line, via email and right here on the blog.

Item #1 Chocolate Truffle Mini Combo

Retail Value $35
 Organic Love Body Wash, DECADENCE Layered Sugar Scrub, Whip Cream Body Lotion,
 Fresh Sheets & Me, Signature Fragrance Oil

The winner can choose their Signature Blend [infusion of milk and dark chocolate, fruit, mint, nuts, and spice (close your mouth).]
Almond Chocolate, Cinnamon Chocolate, Peppermint Chocolate, Raspberry Chocolate
For product details view the website.

Item #2 Cream Popsicle Mini Combo

Retail Value $35
 Organic Love Body Wash, DECADENCE Layered Sugar Scrub, Whip Cream Body Lotion,
 Fresh Sheets & Me, Signature Fragrance Oil

Signature Blend of exotic orange zest, vanilla, and cream (I see the stars in your eyes).
For product details view website.

Nice, huh?

1 vote per person
vote on either Item not both
leave first name and email address
vote only counts when left on blog
share this with your friends

This giveaway is open to those living in the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean. 

Start voting!  Voting ends January 20, 2011 at 9pm, est.  Winner will be selected randomly.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Random Thought: GRRRRR

It boggles my mind!  How can I proofread three times (once quietly, twice reading out loud), and still have messy grammar?!  In my previous post (now corrected), I had the the and wondered how did I knew her.  Crazy.  I can catch other people's grammatical errors, but not always my own.

Hey I "Know" You

Have you ever had the chance to meet one of your social network "friends"?  Not people you already know.  I have.  Just this past Sunday.  I was in my LOCAL market (not even 1 mile from my house), turned around in the aisle, and saw a familiar face.  This person and I have been connected on Facebook since the beginning of 2009 (she lived in a different state).  I had a chance to meet her mother, and she met my family as well.  King T and the Warrior Princesses wondered how I knew her.  Her face is on Facebook.  It was cool and weird all at the same time.

Note: 1. As business women always be presentable when you step out of your home (I come from a family of women that always emphasized the importance of looking like a lady when exiting the house.) 2. Live an authentic life in your home.  Be good to the people that you deal with everyday behind closed doors.  When you are in public it will reflect.  You never know who you will run into.

Tomingo's World: Eclectic Creations Give Away

Head on over. You'll love her work. Got my eclectic earrings in the mail the other day. :o) #SupportIndies.