Wednesday, May 30, 2012

From The Desk of Itiel McVay | Smell Goods '98™

Dear Smell Goods Customer:

I thought about you the other day.  Paying a visit to other online retailers, in the bath and body business, is something that I do from time-to-time.  On my most recent visit, I was met with popular faces and exotic ingredients for label appeal, but not enough beneficial information to help a shopper make an informed decision.  

During my childhood I learned harshly how to mind my business (head nod to my sibling, cousins, and classmates).  I allow my personal lessons to mirror what I offer...I am literally minding my business.  What am I doing to help my customers in making an informed decision?  This is the question that I posed to myself.  It's easy to get caught up in the hype, ring the bells, and blow the whistles.

Before leaving for vacation, I dedicated time to put the website on maintenance, and updated the descriptions on our products. An educated shopper, like yourself, still deserves a FYI.  Wouldn't you agree?   

Now when you visit the site, to make a purchase, you'll see the listed benefits for each product.  You'll see words Thought To and Found To.  We follow the cosmetic guidelines suggested by the FDA, by not stating claims to a cosmetic, even when those ingredients are effective in helping the skin.  In taking your largest organ into more consideration, you can find thorough information about the ingredients used, in the What's In It? Series.  I shouldn't shrug my shoulders and expect my customers to Google ingredients found on the label.   This series is ongoing.  I encourage you to follow via Goggle Friend Connect, Subscribe, or Follow By Email, all can be found to the right.  

In all honesty, I can only be concerned about you, our customer, and what is used in our products, to help you maintain a live good, feel good, smell good experience.

To your health & xo
Your Product Creator,

Monday, May 28, 2012

4 Reasons Why Your Skin Could Be So Itchy, Plus the Solutions | Smell Good Spa™

You just submerged yourself into a garden tub of soothing water, letting the cares of the day soak away.  Ahh.  Finished.  Smiles.  Ugh..... A persistent itch is trying to cause all kinds of havoc with your peaceful vibe.   Below are the causes of itchy skin due to bathing, the effects, and the solutions to put that vibe-stealing itch in its place.


Cause Irritants, such as sulfates in soap and bubble bath.
     Effect- Dry, cracked skin occurring after bathing or showering.
     Solution- Use cleansing products that are formulated with natural oils, raw butters, and/or aloe vera.

Cause Hot water.  (One of the major causes. I know it just feels so good, and you can't help yourself.)
     Effect- Excessive drying of the skin. Hot water rips the natural oil right out of the skin.
     Solution- Use lukewarm water when bathing and showering. As a matter of fact, it is suggested to take a cold shower when possible (I do from time to time.  Brrrr, but I LIKE it.).

Cause Aggressively rubbing the skin with a towel.
     Effect- Stealing the moisture from the skin.
     Solution- Lightly pat the skin dry.

Cause Ignoring the 45-minute window.  That's the max time you have to seal moisture into your skin.
     Effect- Irritated, itchy skin throughout the day/night.
     Solution- Apply soothing moisturizers or emollients that contain vegetable oils, raw butters, and/or aloe vera, within that 45 minutes.

Our products are the cherry-on-top of your live good, feel good, smell good experience.  Remember, to consume plenty of water, fruits, and vegetables to maintain the suppleness of your skin.

Remember, scratching will only cause damage to your skin.  Take care of the skin you're in.

Be Whole,

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Panhandle Goodness::What's In It? Series

Orange Butter

This product is obtain by cold pressing the orange peel, extracting the oil and wax.   Both the natural oil and wax possess outstanding, skin benefits.  The natural oil contains Limonene which is very effective in slowing down the aging process.  The peel's wax contains Bioflavonoids.... Not familiar with those?  Bioflavonoids are found to have anti-cellulite and anti-inflammatory properties.  Eczema, Psoriasis, and dandruff are listed as inflammatory skin diseases.  Check out FitDay for 9 foods high in Bioflavonoids.  I faithfully eat all of those foods, except #5.  Blah.  *Covering mouth, shaking head with eyes closed, like a 5-yo*

Why we use it:

  • High in vitamin C.  Vitamin C firms and strengthens the skin.  Also, it helps the skin to look youthful by combating dryness, fine lines and wrinkles. #AntioxidantPower  Lastly, it's a protective barrier between the skin and the sun, thus suppressing hyperpigmentation.
  • Our Orange Butter contains Palm Oil.  Verrrry effective in treating dark spots due to pregnancy, hormonal changes, aging, and the sun.  Palm Oil is found to be more potent than any form of vitamin E.  It also plays a protective role in cellular aging. 
Limonene + Bioflavonoids + Vitamin C + Palm Oil = One Super Duper Product 

This citrus goodness can be found in our Tantouchthis Spread.

Admittedly, Orange Butter makes my tongue take on a mind of its own.  When I open the container, it takes a good bit of control not to thrust my tongue into it.  The Olfactory and Salivary kick in...... Yes, it smells that scrumptious.  See, more and more I am allowing you to see my silly/quirky side.  I need to stop sharing.....LOL.

It's good to know what's in your stuff, but better yet, why.  Are the ingredients benefiting you or is it just label appeal?!

Monday, May 21, 2012

FIRST Vlog {Awakening}|Smell Goods '98™

Win 2 Lush Body Butters......

AWAKENING Launch {14-Day Giveaway!}|Smell Goods '98™

Awakening Collection | Limited Edition Blueberry Blends

  • blueberries+cucumbers
  • blueberries+strawberries
  • blueberries+papayas

I've been waiting for months to share this with you!  Many of you have received samples of these fragrances in your orders.  Thank you for the glowing feedback. *Cheesing*

I'll be posting my FIRST vlog (excited about that), sharing more about Awakening.
(9:55a) Here it is!

Before you enter, you need to know:

  • Open to U.S. residents only.

  • Giving away 2 Lush Body Butters to one winner. 0_0 Yes!  If you haven't tried our top-selling emollient, this giveaway is for you.  If you are a lover of Lush, this giveaway is also for you!  In celebration of Awakening, Lush will be infused with Blueberry Butter.
  • All mandatory tasks must be completed.  If not, your entry will not count.  You must have the social media accounts to complete the mandatory tasks.  I will reciprocate the connect.
  • If the entry form does not show below, refresh your page or click on the post's title. 

See Lush here.
Want more?!  Winner's Choice Giveaway on Facebook!

Hope you win!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Clay::What's In It? Series

Dead Sea Clay (Kaolinite Clay)

Why we use it:
  • High content of minerals that are easily absorbed by the skin.  These minerals can promote cell renewal, retain moisture in the skin, fight free radicals (they speed up the aging process), soothe damaged skin, extract impurities from the skin, and restore a youthful glow to the skin.
  • Purifies and gently cleanses the skin.
  • Gently exfoliates, revealing healthy looking skin.
  • Protects the skin from harsh environmental elements. 
  • Soothes and relaxes tired muscles.  
Can be found in our Mojito Sugar Smoother.

Kaolin Clay (White Kaolinite) "China Clay"

Why we use it:
  • Very absorbent.
  • Clears the skin of excess oil and dirt.
  • Softens the skin. 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Woman Entrepreneur::Lisa Peyton-Caire

Woman Entrepreneur: Lisa Peyton-Caire
Who Is She: wife, mother, facilitator of information, inspiration, and empowerment, advocate (and accountability friend) of black women's wellness.
Mantra: Our Health is Our Wealth.  Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful.

Personal Note: Speaking of Beautiful... My first encounter with Lisa was over 5 years ago.  Looking at her picture on a Ning, I thought, wow she is so beautiful.  Well, we started interacting, and her heart out shone her face.  Roberta Peyton's (mother) health story motivated Lisa to start a dialogue amongst black women, online.  Lisa's message and mission resonates with me--a woman should be as vigilant about her physical and mental health, as she is with family and business/enterprise.  

As we pursue our life's calling and our various endeavors, we must first take stock of the fact that without good health our dreams and aspirations are merely fragile fantasies. Poor health can and will derail the best and brightest of plans.

Ultimately I decided to say what was on my heart and to trust that the message I intend to convey is received in the spirit of love, care and urgency in which it is offered. 

Inspiring, right!

How do I stay connected to this fabulous Light?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

This Just In... {Top 200} | Smell Goods '98™

That's right, your daily voting was not in vain.   What an honor!