Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Indie Artisan Giveaway-2010! Afriquelachic!

Open to US residents only.

You must leave your first name along with email address to qualify for this giveaway. Entries without these details are not counted in giveaway.

This month's Indie Artisan Giveaway is being sponsored by Afriquelachic!

Afriquelachic- The inspiration behind Afriquelachic is cultural and contemporary styles blended to form a sense of eclectic and soulful funk. Afriquelachic embraces African women who embrace their own natural beauty and demonstrate it through their own traditional styles in cultural history along with modern inspirations. Be bold and beautiful.


Hair Tie Accessory-Retail value $18.99.

 No purchase is necessary to win. You simply have to visit Afriquelachic to take a look around. Leave a comment about one of the creations. Your comment is your entry. Only one comment per person, duplicate entries will be deleted. Your comment should include:
  • Your name and a way to reach you (email address) should you win.
  • The name of your favorite item in the shop(s) or the URL to it.
The contest ends on Tuesday, April 13th, 9 p.m.(est). The winner will be selected using

Monday, March 29, 2010

Mono'i De Tahiti Seasonal Collection

A luxe collection for any mother/woman.

Mono'i De Tahiti Appellation D'Origine is a Gardenia scented coconut oil from Tahiti. This exotic oil isthe one body treatment for the women of Tahiti. Readily used for hair care, skin care, and body care. The Tiare (Tahitian Gardenia) flowers are immersed into virgin Coconut Oil, to bring forth a soft, subtle, lingering aroma. This Mono'i De Tahiti is certified authentic by the Official Tahitian Mono'i Institute. A guarantee that the Mono'i De Tahiti is produced in accordance with the Tahitian tradition, not only for the selection of the beautiful Tiare (Tahitian Gardenia) flowers but also for the virgin Coconut Oil that it is infused in.

Smell Goods'98™ Monoi De Tahiti Seasonal Collection

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happening Now! It's Wednesday, Baby!

Today, one of our randomly selected Fans will be chosen to win! It could be you. For a fresh, natural aroma for your linens, body, home, and vehicle, win Sweet Rain Fresh Sheets & Me! Giveaway closes at 9 p.m. est.

Entering is verrrrry easy, so go win it.

Enter here.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's Wednesday, Baby!

We've been giving you the countdown for several days. We're pretty sure you want to know what is It's Wednesday, Baby!

It's Wednesday, Baby! Smell Goods '98™ bi-weekly celebratory giveaway!

It's "hump day"! Monday is so yesterday, and the weekend is on the horizon. It's Wednesday, Baby celebrates "your time"! Every two weeks, Smell Goods '98™ will offer one of their fine products to their Fans, for free! Be there!

It's Wednesday, Baby will officially stream on Facebook tomorrow (3/24/2010). Not only can our fabu Fans win, we are welcoming all social networkers (ningers, tweeples, facebookers)! It's Wednesday, Baby begins at 10 a.m., ends 9 p.m. est.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Baskets For Business Auction-Morris Habitat for Humanity

Received a phone call today. This opportunity was presented to me. Wanted to share with other Indie business women, who are purposely moving forward with their business.

Read here:

Sponsorship Program-Baskets:

Sponsorship Summary:

Sponsorship Coverletter:

About Morris Habitat for Humanity:

Contact for information:
Hilary B. Carmen, M.S., Ed.
Director, Oxford Learning
973-781-9000 tele

All the best!

Scents of the Month-Spring Scents

Yes, scents! These are 17 scents you’ll want to try for spring.
Purchase a Signature Fragrance Oil, bath/body product, or home product, in these signature blends, get 15% off! Use code springscent at checkout. Ends 6/20/2010.

Lavender Roseli-a bouquet of floral notes with a hint of patchouli

Blu-soft, subtle floral notes

Juicy Fruit-notes of soft musk and mangos

China Doll-floral notes, medium musk notes, and a hint of patchouli

Gentle Wind-a hint of soft powder with light sandalwood and soft musk

Cinta-a hint of soft powder with light sandalwood and lavender

Java-a hint of soft powder with light sandalwood and frankincense & myrrh

South Pacific-a hint of soft powder with light sandalwood and hints of ocean breeze

Lawa-a hint of soft powder with light sandalwood and soft, floral notes

Malati-a hint of soft powder with light sandalwood and jasmine

Bantu-a soft, subtle musk blend

Night Nurse-soft, feminine musk, mangos and coconut

Shiloh-a seductive, feminine green tea blend

Moon Glow-light amber notes and lemongrass

Flare-light amber notes and kush

Sultry-light amber notes and red musk

Green Tea Swirl-a blend of buttery vanilla and green tea

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Genie Bottle Earrings Winner!

Congratulations to Vanessa Johnson, winner of the first Indie Artisan Giveaway of 2010! Vanessa will be looking good in her Genie Bottle earrings, designed by Lunaversoul.

Thank you to all who participated. Stay tune for April's Indie Artisan Giveaway!

Sneak Peek here and here.


The Smell Goods Lady is available on Skype. I am available to chat, Monday-Friday 10 a.m.-5 p.m. During this time, only questions or comments relevant to Smell Goods '98™ will be accepted.

Skype id:smellgoodslady

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Are you looking for a fun, clever, and effective way to build your mailing list, thus your business?

Smell Goods '98™'s recommendation is Wildfire App. Last month we decided to use this application to test its effectiveness. Wildfire App is a promotion builder, for brand marketing on the social web. Promotional campaigns are sweepstakes, contest, coupons, quizzes, gifts, plus more. Wildfire serves the large corporate businesses, to the Indies. Therefore, the cost of these campaigns are extremely reasonable, packages start at $5, then the cost is $.99/day to run the campaign. Once you decide on the campaign, the next steps are simple and seamless. Plug in your information, the campaign is connected to Facebook and Twitter, visit your account on Wildfire and watch the leads multiply. A widget is also provided for your website. When a customer visits your online store they are able to enter the promotion without leaving your website. Have you caught onto the name of this application? Wildfire, as in spread like wildfire. That is exactly what you can expect to happen! Viral baby!

Smell Goods '98™ held its first online sweepstakes last month. In the past, we offered several giveaways, offered discounts, etc., but nothing like this. It was time to add something to the mix. One of our top goals is to continuously build our mailing list (with people who want to be on it). Per the suggestion of Wildfire, we offered a grand prize, second place prize, and third place prize. Another suggestion was to offer a grand prize that could be shared. The premise of the multiple prizes and sharing, is to have participants invite friends, thus bring more attention to your brand. It works. Our sweepstakes ran for 15 days (testing it out). In those days we received over 80 participants! I have to admit, I only thought names that we were familiar with across the networks would show up. I was totally wrong. Wildfire was really working. People were retweeting and inviting their friends via Facebbok. Others were entering on our website. There were men participants (two men won), participants across two generations (the oldest was 73), and participants from across the nation. The winners were three people who have never experienced our product! Our mailing list welcomed new people.

We recommend Wildfire App for their fun, clever, and effective way to get the news out about your brand. We also recommend them for their friendly, efficient customer service.

We will use Wildfire in the future! Look for our next campaign coming in April.

How the campaign appeared on Twitter:

How the campaign appeared on Facebook:

Better People...

Thought for the day:

If familiarity did not breed contempt, we could learn so much from each other. Yes, even through these social networking channels. Genuineness is a rare commodity.

Friday, March 5, 2010

We Have Winners!

The Smell Goods Team appreciates all who participated in the Fanfare Sweepstakes! The participation was beyond amazing! Below are the winners:

Grand Prize Winner
Michael Henrich

Second Place Winner
Brian Joslyn

Third Place Winner
Michelle Rosborough

Stay tuned for another fabulous Sweepstakes coming in April!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

54 Affirmations for a Better You.

My desire is to inspire women in business, to aspire to be the best that they can, in all aspects of their lives. Itiel

I recently came across these 54 affirmations on I thought you could use these words in your life.

1.I will take care of myself
2.I will love my inner being
3.I will not doubt myself
4.I will go the extra mile
5.I will trust my first instinct
6.I will not fear failure
7.I will pamper myself
8.I will clean as I go
9.I will learn from my mistakes
10.I will not be afraid to ask for help
11.I will try new things
12.I will overcome my weakness
13.I will share my rewards
14.I will teach wisdom
15.I will create within my home
16.I will never stop looking for love
17.I will never stop giving love
18.I will not be afraid
19.I will never stop learning
20.I will say that I am beautiful
21.I will tell other women that they are beautiful
22.I will work through the pain
23.I will not hold regrets
24.I will get plenty of beauty sleep
25.I will no longer feel guilty
26.I will take care of my spirit
27.I will laugh until the end
28.I will write down my experiences
29.I will offer wise advice
30.I will exercise more than often
31.I will not store negative energy
32.I will not surround myself with negative people
33.I will love my natural beauty
34.I will not take everything so serious
35.I will listen carefully
36.I will explain myself eloquently
37.I will love my loved ones
38.I will explore many cultures
39.I will stand up for what I believe in
40.I will never feel worthless
41.I will never carry guilt
42.I will make time for me
43.I will nurture nature
44.I will accept change
45.I will give with no thought of receiving
46.I will drink plenty of water
47.I will make love intensely
48.I will not fear death
49.I will stay active
50.I will not procrastinate
51.I will never give up on my dreams
52.I will keep a to-do-list
53.I will not feel bad if I do not accomplish every task & goal
54.I will have the will to be me!

There are several people who can be dishonest with me, I refuse to be one of them. Itiel

Audio Inspiration-How Quick Are You Going To Get Up?

One of the latest tunes that gets me going.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Only 2 Days Left! Fanfare Sweepstakes!

Have you heard the latest news?! Smell Goods '98™ is running an online sweepstakes! Yes! You and 24 of your Social Networking buddies can each win a Passport to Paradise e-booklet. Plus, there are great 2nd and 3rd place prizes too!

Visit our site today, and enter to win! Look for the orange bar at the bottom of the page.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Indie Artisan Giveaway-2010! Lunaversoul!

Kicking off 2010 Indie Artisan Giveaway, with one of the Smell Goods Lady's favorites!

Open to US residents!

You must leave your first name along with email address to qualify for this giveaway.

This month's Indie Artisan Giveaway is being sponsored by Lunaversoul!

Lunaversoul- Greetings all, My name is CJ & I am owner & jewelry designer of Lunaversoul
At Lunaversoul you will find jewelry that is funky,eclectic,and soulful with a touch of ethnic flair.
Because all personalities are unique, It's only natural that each person wants their own piece of jewelry that allows them to express their individuality, compliments the style they want to achieve & is guaranteed to turn heads while adding that little extra spice to their favorite outfit.
Each piece is handcrafted using a wide variety of metals,semi-precious stones,feathers,seeds,& other materials which adds to the versatility of my collection.
Now because I know we all love to wear a special piece of jewelry that no one else has! A majority of my jewelry is made in limited in quantity's, or are one of a kind pieces..
So if your looking for that special bracelet, necklace, or set of earrings to add your already fresh style you have come to the right place.
I am constantly adding new items weekly so be sure to check back often!

To see more of my work visit the links below. Add me as a friend!





Genie Bottle Earrings-Retail value $35.

Antique brass bugle shaped wire wrapping around two Chrysocolla stone beads. Chrysocolla is a very beautiful bright green & blue stone with many beneficial energies. Chrysocolla is a stone of peace and tranquility. Chrysocolla is said to use its abilities gradually, allowing your body and mind to heal in a serene piece of mind.

No purchase is necessary to win. You simply have to visit Lunaversoul to take a look around. Leave a comment about one of the creations. Your comment is your entry. Only one comment per person, duplicate entries will be deleted.

Your comment should include:

-Your name and a way to reach you (email address) should you win.

-The name of your favorite item in the shop(s) or the URL to it.

The contest ends on Tuesday, March 16th 9 p.m.(est). The winner will be selected using

Sweet Rain! Honeysuckle!

"Mmmm, you smell good!" Take a look at spring's 4 Seasons Spa Combo

Live good, feel good, smell good.

REBIRTH of Spring.

"Mmmm, you smell good!"

These are 17 Signature Fragrance Blends that you'll want to try for the spring!

Live good, feel good, smell good.