Thursday, March 11, 2010


Are you looking for a fun, clever, and effective way to build your mailing list, thus your business?

Smell Goods '98™'s recommendation is Wildfire App. Last month we decided to use this application to test its effectiveness. Wildfire App is a promotion builder, for brand marketing on the social web. Promotional campaigns are sweepstakes, contest, coupons, quizzes, gifts, plus more. Wildfire serves the large corporate businesses, to the Indies. Therefore, the cost of these campaigns are extremely reasonable, packages start at $5, then the cost is $.99/day to run the campaign. Once you decide on the campaign, the next steps are simple and seamless. Plug in your information, the campaign is connected to Facebook and Twitter, visit your account on Wildfire and watch the leads multiply. A widget is also provided for your website. When a customer visits your online store they are able to enter the promotion without leaving your website. Have you caught onto the name of this application? Wildfire, as in spread like wildfire. That is exactly what you can expect to happen! Viral baby!

Smell Goods '98™ held its first online sweepstakes last month. In the past, we offered several giveaways, offered discounts, etc., but nothing like this. It was time to add something to the mix. One of our top goals is to continuously build our mailing list (with people who want to be on it). Per the suggestion of Wildfire, we offered a grand prize, second place prize, and third place prize. Another suggestion was to offer a grand prize that could be shared. The premise of the multiple prizes and sharing, is to have participants invite friends, thus bring more attention to your brand. It works. Our sweepstakes ran for 15 days (testing it out). In those days we received over 80 participants! I have to admit, I only thought names that we were familiar with across the networks would show up. I was totally wrong. Wildfire was really working. People were retweeting and inviting their friends via Facebbok. Others were entering on our website. There were men participants (two men won), participants across two generations (the oldest was 73), and participants from across the nation. The winners were three people who have never experienced our product! Our mailing list welcomed new people.

We recommend Wildfire App for their fun, clever, and effective way to get the news out about your brand. We also recommend them for their friendly, efficient customer service.

We will use Wildfire in the future! Look for our next campaign coming in April.

How the campaign appeared on Twitter:

How the campaign appeared on Facebook: