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Hey, Smell Gooders.  Hope you are enjoying the awakening season.  The air is so warm, the green grass is plush, the flowers have the most vibrant hues, and when the birds communicate, I find myself being lulled into daydreaming.  Pure bliss.  Nature and I have always had a special relationship.

I've been diligently working to continue to bring you a live good, feel good, smell good experience.  To help you do just that, and to help you save money in the process, look below....

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Green Tea Medley Collection

  • Green Tea Medley Bubbles
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  • Green Tea Medley Melts
  • Green Tea Medley Signature Fragrance Oil
An herbal insect repellent & after-bite spray.

FANS' place
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Friday, March 23, 2012

Woman Entrepreneur:Larie Writes

Woman Entrepreneur: Larie Writes
Who Is She: wife, mother, author, box destroyer, culinary artist
Mantra: My Mess is Your MESSage.

Personal Note: Last summer, I received this Facebook message: "Hey, I'll be in your city in 2 weeks.  Do you want to meet up."  "Sure."  Hmm, she seems pretty cool...we'll see (hopeful for a good connect).  Two weeks later...Panera Bread.  Connection.  Turns out, Larie has become a special person in my life. 

I am just simply Larie first.  There are many facets of Larie, but only a few that are dear; a wife of Anton for 15 years which during that space, birthed me as a mother of 3 amazingly- audacious individual personalities, (2 daughters & 1 son).  I’m an advocate for living unapologetically, authentically & unashamed!

I have both of these can't-put-down gems.  Both books are about Larie's 'Mess'.  Walk away (or, as I did, lay on the bed) feeling enlighten and inspired to live your best, authentic life. 

I live by laughter and sharing.  Laughing frees so much of me that I feel new.  It calms me, it loves me, it-makes-me-exhale.  Sharing my imperfect-perfections is how I encourage others to not merely step out, but tear down their boxes!  Sharing also allows me to reach those who have silently struggled because they felt alone.  “My Heart Speaks…™”

Inspiring, right!

How do I stay connected to this fabulous Light?

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Coconut Grove

Friday, March 9, 2012

Woman Entrepreneur:Dawn K-Aldrich

Woman Entrepreneur: Dawn K-Aldrich
Who Is She: wife, mother, grandmother, author, health and wellness advocate, Off Broadway producer, Blog Talk Radio host
Mantra: ~I can do all things, through my creator who has assigned me to this.  ~Ideas for success without determination or action is worthless.

Personal Note: I e-met Dawn, oh around, 2007 or 2008 (well, it seems like it was yesterday).  We would always "run" into each other.  Those run-ins peaked my interest, and I paid more attention to Dawn. It is because of Dawn's passion for marriage, being a mother, and helping others that I decided to collaborate with her (Or, as Dawn would say, "We are on an assignment together". :o)).  Dawn is truly one of those women that I would like to meet in-real-life.

I am a fun, ambitious, determined, dream and make it happen woman, who happens to be the wife of an amazing man whom I call my King. Yes, I said King a title he earned by being a consistent source of love, respect and commitment to us. Do we have our moments of disagreements, oh yes we do but when the dust settles, he is the man who wants to see me happy and successful and the feeling is oh so mutual. I am also the mother of a wonderful set of kids and thanks to one of my daughters, I am also a proud grandmother to the cutest little buttercup in the whole wide world. My family is my greatest treasure. I love being with them so much that my mother accused me of thinking of them like they were my toys.

I strongly believe that we are all sent here with an assignment whether we follow through with or not is solely up to us. What I consider an assignment is that desire that comes to you to do something and the desire will not leave you alone. It may lay dormant but every now and then it comes back as a gentle reminder that it's still there - waiting on you. I have had many assignments and whenever I follow through with them I have found that they have all worked out for the good of others. I am here to serve. My service comes through the health field. I am a strong advocate on all things health and wellness with a special passion for cancer awareness in the minority and under served communities. I find innovative ways to bring joy to others during the tough times by delivering caregiver baskets to those who take care of their terminally ill loved ones. There are also gift baskets to children who are terminally ill with cancer or to those who have lost a parent to cancer. 

I am one that does not believe in following the path of others. Sometimes the path must be made by you in order to allow others to come through. As a result, I am invited to speak at various symposiums, conferences, etc. I have authored audio books, produced an Off Broadway Play in New York City and I am currently in the stages of filming a documentary as well as completing a soon to be released book all under the recently Trademarked brand of The Day That Changed My Life.

I am an early riser who begins each day with meditation and prayer. I genuinely seek guidance as I believe strongly that if I can make the time to quiet my busy mind, I will be able to know what I must do and how it will get done. I also believe that I have every right to talk to God (my creator) throughout the entire day even in my sleep. For me, it's like getting the instructions from a parent who has sent you to do something. In most cases, they are careful to explain what they want you to do and if you listen carefully, you will be able to accomplish the task. In addition, I believe in strengthening my spirit with positive thoughts. I read the bible and any book that offers empowering affirmations. I love to listen to speakers, teachers and spiritual leaders who offers the tools that fuels my spirit to keep on fulfilling my assignments. 

The best thing that I have learned is that my vision is just that - mine. It is not given to others only because it is not their assignment. So when I hear all of the naysayers, I ignore them and seek the guidance from within. My favorite mantra "I can do all things, through my creator who has assigned me to this" and "ideas for success without determination or action is worthless" works for me. Challenges are always sure to present themselves. However, I do not worry about it. I remain focused, look at the situation and see what the options are to correcting or getting around it. 

Inspiring, right?

Dawn Aldrich is the co-founder of Solutions Cancer Resource Center, Inc. Author of the audio book series The Day That Changed My Life - Cancer An Uncertain Journey & the Off Broadway Play -  The Day That Changed My Life. Dr. Aldrich was recently appointed as a Consultant with the FDA working in the areas of Colon Cancer and Multiple Myeloma.  She is a strong advocate for the under-served communities focusing on educating and empowering others with the information they need to improve their health. 

How do I stay connected to this fabulous Light?!
Email: dawn@thedaythatchangedmylife.com

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Voting Starts Today! | Get on the Shelf | Taking Chances 2012

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10+10= 1(maybe 2) | Extravagant Indie Giveaway | Women's History Month 2012

Welcome to the Extravagant Indie Giveaway!  In celebration of Women's History Month, ten (10) phenomenal women entrepreneurs have collectively come together, joyfully giving their handcrafted gems to ONE (1) phenomenal woman! Eleven (11) women making h(ER)story.


Larie Writes

Jasmin Mitchell Jewelry

Diapercakes by LaTersa 

Eclectic Creations


Deana's Jewelry and Things

M.A.I.A Bey

Smell Goods '98™

Narahs' Jewelry

Myla's Bags

Yes, one (1) winner will take it all.  Plus, each contestant can refer one (1) friend...if your friend wins, you win (see Terms & Conditions)!

Things to know:

  • GFC=Google Friend Connect
  • There are 26 mandatory tasks.  No need to gasp.  You can accomplish those tasks quickly and seamlessly, right here on this page. 
  • Completing the bonus tasks increase your chances of being the winner. 
  • You must have a Twitter account and Facebook account, in order for the mandatory tasks to count towards your entries. If you already Follow or Like one of the sponsors, do not skip the task, enter the name you use to Follow or Like, click Enter.

Open to US residents.
Giveaway ends 3/20/2012.