Friday, March 8, 2013

My Pink Fluffy Yumminess Finally Came - in Liquid Form | Smell Good Spa™

Have you ever eyed an edible delight, thinking, wow when I get that into my mouth it's going to be a party, yet, when you finally wrapped your mouth around it your taste buds were saddened, because they believed the hype?  Tell me about it. 

When I was a little girl, my young palate experienced such a betrayal.  Cotton Candy was the one confection that I desired when I was ten years old.  The object of my taste buds' desire was the pink one, not the blue.  There was no way the blue could taste as good as the pink.  Right?  The pink just  had to taste like strawberries and cherries with a hint of citrus.  I daydreamed about eating Cotton Candy.  I conveted any kid's pink cloud on a stick.  One day my mother did something glorious, she finally gave me the go-ahead to eat Cotton Candy.  You see, growing up my sweet treats were yummy fruits and Brach's® (those were yummy too).  So when my mother gave the nod I did not hesitate.  The moment I was waiting for... Mouth filled with saliva.  Purchased.  Still salivating. Here we go.... Pull off pink, fluffy yumminess.  Insert into mouth.  Wait, let me try it again. Pull off a larger piece of pink, fluffy yumminess. Insert into mouth. WHAT is going on?!  "Mommy, this taste like a bunch of sugar!" Mmhmm.  Obviously, I was a heart broken ten-year old girl, and never wanted pink Cotton Candy again.

Thankfully, time moves on. While preparing for the 2013 spring/summer fragrances one day, I opened a bottle of liquid bliss that redeemed my Cotton Candy fail (dramatic... LOL). My nose sniffed, and all the flavors that should've been in that candy were giving my olfactory senses a party - my tongue was so jealous (it still is).  Hellooo Pink Friday......

Pink Friday fragrance oil reflects the fun side of a whole woman.  Its candied, aromatic notes embody flirt, sensuality, lady-like laughter, and the inner girl.  Pink Friday fits in perfectly with the spring/summer fragrances of 2013!  If you're like me (and I believe we aren't that different), you're a woman with an edge, lady qualities and girlie silliness, and I'm positive that these fragrances will be a part of your live good, feel good, smell good experience.

  • VanCoco - Your lunch-date scent.  Your guy will keep planning lunch dates, just to get a chance to hug you and sniff behind your ear.  
  • Violet - Your girls' night-out scent. "Sis, you smell so good!"
  • Honeysuckle - Your walks-in-the-park & fun-summer-nights scent. 
  • Lilies- Your quiet-moment scent.  Being busy all the time is overrated. 
  • Virgin Island Water - Your I am-woman-hear-me-roar scent.  Yeah, he's not going to want to let you go. Sorry. *Wink*

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