Monday, May 28, 2012

4 Reasons Why Your Skin Could Be So Itchy, Plus the Solutions | Smell Good Spa™

You just submerged yourself into a garden tub of soothing water, letting the cares of the day soak away.  Ahh.  Finished.  Smiles.  Ugh..... A persistent itch is trying to cause all kinds of havoc with your peaceful vibe.   Below are the causes of itchy skin due to bathing, the effects, and the solutions to put that vibe-stealing itch in its place.


Cause Irritants, such as sulfates in soap and bubble bath.
     Effect- Dry, cracked skin occurring after bathing or showering.
     Solution- Use cleansing products that are formulated with natural oils, raw butters, and/or aloe vera.

Cause Hot water.  (One of the major causes. I know it just feels so good, and you can't help yourself.)
     Effect- Excessive drying of the skin. Hot water rips the natural oil right out of the skin.
     Solution- Use lukewarm water when bathing and showering. As a matter of fact, it is suggested to take a cold shower when possible (I do from time to time.  Brrrr, but I LIKE it.).

Cause Aggressively rubbing the skin with a towel.
     Effect- Stealing the moisture from the skin.
     Solution- Lightly pat the skin dry.

Cause Ignoring the 45-minute window.  That's the max time you have to seal moisture into your skin.
     Effect- Irritated, itchy skin throughout the day/night.
     Solution- Apply soothing moisturizers or emollients that contain vegetable oils, raw butters, and/or aloe vera, within that 45 minutes.

Our products are the cherry-on-top of your live good, feel good, smell good experience.  Remember, to consume plenty of water, fruits, and vegetables to maintain the suppleness of your skin.

Remember, scratching will only cause damage to your skin.  Take care of the skin you're in.

Be Whole,