Monday, June 25, 2012

6 Useful Foods For Beautiful Skin

Do you know how to eat for beautiful skin?

I visited last week to read up on their suggested foods for beautiful skin.  Beauty from the inside out, right?

' of the fundamental tips to make your skin perfect. Health scientists prove that fruits and vegetables can provide the body with essential nutrients. Let’s discover how several foods benefit our skin as follows.'

Below are snippets of the do's and don'ts shared.  Visit to read the complete article, to get the WHY.

  • Get soft skin with fresh water.  Leave the mineral stuff alone.
  • Remove wrinkles with Black chocolate.  I chuckled at that one, because I'm sure they meant dark chocolate.  Have you ever heard anyone call dark chocolate Black chocolate?  
  • Too much sodium intake can cause wrinkles and hair breakage. 
  • Chard is an excellent source for vitamins A and C.  Hmmm, how do you season yours?  Do you even eat it?
  • Yes, honey is one of the best natural anti-aging foods, but, um, I don't think I want them in my potatoes. 
  • Fruits, fruits, and more fruits.  I'm a big juicer (Not me literally.  I like to juice.  LOL.), so I give thumbs up on this tip.  Did you know that melons prevent the appearance of skin-aging?  Stop running away from that watermelon. ;o)
  • Got acne?  Eat fish.  Mackerel, as a matter of fact. 
 Will you be eating for beautiful skin? After reading the full article, come back to let me know.

To you skin health,