Monday, July 16, 2012

Woman Entrepreneur : LaTersa Blakely

Woman Entrepreneur: LaTersa Blakely
Who Is She: wife, mommy, author, brokenness survivor, a support in unleashing greatness
Mantra: From Brokenness To Greatness

Personal Note: The CEO Mamma Network is my place for meeting some of the most fabulous, enterprising women - LaTersa is one of them.  What I really like about LaTersa is that she did not miss a beat in introducing herself to me.  I believe she read my profile, and from there it was this is what I am going to do to show my support (so much love for that).  After much mutual support we recently worked on our first project! 

Earlier in her life, LaTersa dealt with years being bitter and negative about the obstacles she endured in her life. Ultimately, she had had enough of being miserable and not wanting to live anymore.

The mission of the book is to teach women how to live beyond their past and step into their greatness; and in it, she shares inspiration and tips on how living everyday with thankfulness and being positive can help turn any negative situation around.   

Inspiring, right!

How do I connect to this fabulous Light?