Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Still Sniffing Out If Natural Deodorant Is For You? | Smell Good Spa™

The Huffington Post link directed me to Erica Cheung's personal story about running out of her antiperspirant, opting to purchase a natural deodorant, and what her experience was with it the days after.  SN: Isn't it funny how we call antiperspirant "deodorant"?  Deodorant neutralizes odor.  Antiperspirant prevents sweating.  I enjoyed reading about Erica's experience, my favorite part was this: After the fourth day of wearing the deodorant, I stopped noticing the manly scent and realized that I smelled of nothing -- not B.O. or "Fresh." I appreciated this because I could wear my perfume without smelling like the perfume floor of a department store. I also noticed that I wasn't sweating as much, and when I did sweat I didn't smell like sweat. Many folks think natural products will showoff their benefits instantaneously, not all will.  I had to even learn that wasn't the case.  I am glad that Erica did not give up on the first day.  Natural products work, just give it time (when it permits).  When it comes to natural deodorant, your body has to adapt to not getting that antiperspirant boost.

Should I look into natural deodorant if I am prescribed an antiperspirant?
If you are prescribed an antiperspirant, more than likely natural deodorant will not benefit you.  We infuse many absorbing ingredients into our deodorant.  However, as noted, it depends on body chemistry for their effectiveness.  Someone who is prescribed an antiperspirant usually is a heavy sweater.  Don't feel badly if you cannot come on board with natural-deodorant users.  Use what's best for you, what makes you feel comfortable.  If you can use natural deodorant without any adverse reactions, then you need to see me.  We've been told by several customers that our natural deodorant works better than major brands purchased in stores. 

Can I wear natural deodorant during the hotter months?
You sure can!  For additional absorbency, use a natural, talc-free deodorant powder with the natural deodorant.

Dancing the night away?  Are you the Keynote speaker at an event?
You just might want to use antiperspirant for that time, and return to your natural deodorant the next day.

Also, natural deodorant works best on clean pits.  

I am proud to create a quality product that many have been able to use successfully.  Our customers that use our natural deodorant are fitness enthusiasts, dancers, moms and their daughters, military men,  and teenage boys (Read that.  It's so cute, and it made me feel good.).

Will you be willing to take the challenge like Erica?  

If you are a natural-deodorant wearer, tell me what you like about it in the comments.