Friday, June 6, 2014

Olfactory Series #6 Sandalwood::National Fragrance Week | Smell Good Spa™

It's just the first week of June for many, however, for those creative beings that pay respect to the olfaction, daily, this is the week when all things that smell good are celebrated.  Happy National Fragrance Week!

National Fragrance Week is about celebrating cologne, perfume and all things good-smelling. That includes scented candles, potpourri, soaps and lotions, flowers, and even food.

To celebrate National Fragrance Week 2014, I'll highlight seven scents that are beneficial for healthy living, in this Olfactory Series.


Photo Credit: ExplorOz Places

Sandalwood oil is extracted from Sandalwood trees that are 40-80 years old. The older the tree, the more oil it yields, and the aroma is stronger. Sandalwood oil's dynamic therapeutic properties has benefited lives medicinally, culturally and spiritually, for centuries. According to a study conducted by Brigham Young University, Sandalwood oil was effective against breast, prostate, cervical and skin cancer. 

Healthy Living Benefits:
  • Natural Sleep Remedy - Sandalwood oil has the ability to cause deep relaxation.  The oil is high in sesquiterpenes, a chemical that stimulates the pineal gland in the brain.  The pineal gland produces melatonin which is released into the bloodstream, regulating the sleep cycle. In addition, Sandalwood oil is also used to elevate meditation.
  • Scars - Sandalwood oil is widely used in skincare products, because it is thought to help scars and spots to heal faster. 
  • Repels Insects - The sweet aroma of Sandalwood oil repels those small, pesky insects. This is one of the reasons the oil is used extensively in the manufacturing of incense.  Cooking out this summer?  Light up an incense infused with this olfactory bliss.
  • "I forgot, again." - When used for aromatherapy, Sandalwood oil is thought to improve memory and to boost concentration. 
Has the scent of Sandalwood benefited you in any of the above situations, or, one that isn't mentioned?  Share with us in the Comments.


Consult a physician or certified aromatherapist before introducing essential oils into your healthy living regimen.


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