Thursday, June 5, 2014

Olfactory Series #5 Lemongrass::National Fragrance Week | Smell Good Spa™

It's just the first week of June for many, however, for those creative beings that pay respect to the olfaction, daily, this is the week when all things that smell good are celebrated.  Happy National Fragrance Week!

National Fragrance Week is about celebrating cologne, perfume and all things good-smelling. That includes scented candles, potpourri, soaps and lotions, flowers, and even food.

To celebrate National Fragrance Week 2014, I'll highlight seven scents that are beneficial for healthy living, in this Olfactory Series.


Lemongrass is native to Southeast Asia, and its oil is extracted from dried lemongrass.  There are fifty different species of Lemongrass; and, depending on the area and climate where the plant grows, the chemistry in certain species alters. Therefore, many species of Lemongrass are not satisfactory for internal use nor medicinal use.  Besides Lemongrass tasting absolutely scrumptious in Thai food, and its oil having one of the best aromas around,  Lemongrass oil can effectively benefit a healthy living regimen.

Healthy Living Benefits:

  • Pain Reducer - Lemongrass oil is analgesic, therefore, it has the ability to reduce pain and inflammation.  Lemongrass oil is thought to relieve pain in joints; pain in toothaches and headaches from viral infections; and, pain from muscle-burning activities such as exercise.
  • Aromatherapy - Lemongrass oil is noted as both an antidepressant and relaxant. When inhaled or absorbed through the skin, spirits can be uplifted; self-esteem is enhanced; anxiety is relieved; energy is boosted; and, Lemongrass oil can also promote mental peace. Properly inhale Lemongrass oil by placing a few drops on a cloth or tissue, or, using an aromatherapy diffuser or vaporizer.
Has the scent of Lemongrass benefited you in any of the above situations, or, one that isn't mentioned?  Share with us in the Comments. 


Consult a physician or certified aromatherapist before introducing essential oils into your healthy living regimen.


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