Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Decision I'm Going Against, for a Manifesto

In 2013, the decision was made to no longer feature non-Smell Good Spa posts on this blog (that's another blog post…. or not).  Although I strongly commit to my decisions, my years of self-exploration and healing revealed that commitment coupled with sensibility are great attributes, when on a journey to become whole.

Speaking of becoming whole, women who truly desire to do so, your attention is needed for the following manifesto.

I felt pretty darn special back in December, when receiving this mixtape sneak peek from Akilah S. Richards.

I replied with:

Sista, this whole work that you created is for generations to come!

I love. Let me say it again, LOVE. Okay, one more, L.O.V.E. how you were sympathetic and empathetic, yet matter-of-fact. I've discovered that is truly a sure sign of a woman that has come into her own.  Yes, hurt; cry; wail, but eventually you have got to get up and operate your "train". 

Your mixtape made me appreciate my healing and the path that I am on.

This is some real truth, Akilah. I believe it's going to cause many of women to search themselves and heal.

So you see why I had to go against my decision?  You need to see this if you are one of those women who truly desire to become whole.

Akilah has written her fifth book, Radical Self-Expression Manifesto, 'on self-inquiry, self-exploration, and of course, radical self-expression'.  

When asked to share this with you... 

I replied with:

I got you. 

Women, a self-healing journey can get downright in-your-face ugly. It's possible that  Radical Self-Expression Manifesto can be a great heart-to-heart resource to help you along the way.  Purchase this 180 pages of poetry, protest, and prose, today

Be Whole,