Monday, February 3, 2014

How Much is that Sampler Bundle? | Itiel's Favorite Things | Smell Good Spa™

The subscribers to Mmmm News are receiving four great gifts during the Customer Appreciation Event!  Yeah, you didn't know?  At then end of each of my Favorite Things video, the message reads that my top 10 favorite things will be available in a sampler bundle to purchase during the event. Yesterday, we shared that low cost exclusively with our subscribers.  Before I let you in on it, take a look at the gifts:

  • Gift #1: 30% Off - Receive this gift when you subscribe to Mmmm News (look to your right).
  • Gift #2: Itiel's Favorite Things Sampler Bundle - Available to the public.
  • Gift #3: Mobile Gifts - We are giving away two spectacular gifts a week, leading up to the event.  Receive these gifts when you join our mobile list (look to your right). 
  • Gift #4: Event Giveaway - $79.50 value; Receive this gift when you subscribe to Mmmm News (look to your right).
Nice, right?  So, are you ready to find out how much the Sampler Bundle is?  

Did you see that extra gift?  ;)

Mark your calendars, set your reminders (right now) - don't miss out on these great savings and gifts during the Customer Appreciation Event. 

Be sure to watch Itiel's Top 10 Favorite Things series.  You can watch the six out of ten videos by clicking the tab to the right.  Stay tuned here, or, subscribe to my youtube channel, because I'll be sharing four more favorite things on my list. 

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