Friday, December 30, 2011

Healthy Skin Tips-Top 10 List

The folks over at Murad Skin Care have come up with a top 10 list of healthy skin tips.  Although we've mentioned some of these tips in our list before, it's always good to have a refresher course.

Two of our favorite tips from Murad's list:

Check Ingredients on Skin Care Products: Don’t just buy skin care products based on packaging or brand name. Research the ingredients to make sure your skin care products have what it takes to solve your skin concerns. You may even want to study some online skin care product reviews as well. Make educated decisions about what’s in the products that go on your skin.

This is exactly why we've created our What's In It? series.  You need to know what is in our products and why.

Water, Water, Water: Hydration is the key to healthy skin no matter what your skin type or skin concern. The body is almost sixty percent water, and the skin is the body’s largest organ. If you’re not staying hydrated through drinking water, applying topical moisturizers and “eating your water,” then your skin can’t possibly be healthy. From anti-aging concerns to acne concerns, you need to create a base for building healthy skin. Healthy skin is hydrated skin.

Now how do you expect our wholesome products to work their best, without hydrated skin?  Our products are your cherry-on-top to your already beautiful skin.  Drink Up!

For more of Murad's suggested tips, head on over.

Do you do any of these tips already?  Which one(s) work best for you?

To your skin health,