Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Random Thought: GRRRRR

It boggles my mind!  How can I proofread three times (once quietly, twice reading out loud), and still have messy grammar?!  In my previous post (now corrected), I had the the and wondered how did I knew her.  Crazy.  I can catch other people's grammatical errors, but not always my own.


  1. Lmbo! I do the same thing. I read whatever I write at least 3 times and then always when I send it out...I catch the error. So frustrating.

  2. M, I knew I couldn't have been the only one. LOL.

  3. You sure aren't the only one! I've done it several times, and will likely do it again. I'm a professional writer, so for me the "Oh, Nooooo!" factor is pretty doggone significant.

    Not to worry though, we got your intended message loud and clear :)

  4. *sniff sniff* Thank you for making me feel better, Execumama. :)


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