Monday, January 31, 2011

Is It A... Soap? Mask? Shampoo? | Smell Good Spa™

Saponify some dried plantain skins, along with some palm leaves and cocoa powder, add a good amount of palm kernel'll have one of the most beautiful gifts from Ghana.  Raw African Black Soap.  Often confused with the dark black soap labeled Black Soap.  No, that one is cocoa butter soap dyed black.  Not a bad soap, but not authentic, and does not bare the effective properties, nor, the versatility as Raw African Black Soap.  Raw African Black Soap has the most beautiful characteristics: it's crumbly, but yet can be molded back together; has a robust nutty aroma; lathery all the way down to the very last crumb (no kidding).

Raw African Black Soap is a....

.....soap- a nourishing skin cleaner; great for clearing up marks on skin.
.....mask- attracts impurities from the skin.  Apply a thin layer onto wet skin; allow to dry; rinse off.
.....shampoo- get a clarifying clean without stripping the scalp and hair.

Raw African Black Soap can be strong on the skin/scalp.  This varies from batch-to-batch, and is due to the amount of lye (saponification process) used.

Solution: Dilute it.  Place the soap into a container (slightly larger that the soap itself).  Fill the container with warm water (just enough to cover the bottom).  Soap that sits in water dissolves.  When you are ready to use the soap, pour a bit of the water into your hands, lather up.  The same water can be poured into a bottle, to use for shampooing the hair.  Soap can be cut into pieces to help speed the dissolving process.

Raw African Black Soap can be purchased in its beautiful form, and, in our Organic Love Body Wash.

Be whole,