Monday, August 2, 2010

Ayesha Siddiqua's Poem for

All-around-social-media-buddy, Ayesha Siddiqua sent me a tweet a few weeks ago... "I am going to write a poem about your business."  OK.  Cool.  Honored.

Aroma and fragrance flying around,
Clasp your dreams and let beauty surround!
Rich and soulful,Forever yours,
Describing you,defining you,personifying your heart!
Smellgoodspa brings aroma of heavens for you!
Perfumes and incense of love,
Arouse yourself with joys of soothing scents and mists of everlasting love.
A perfume for the frangrance in you,
Smellgoodspa celebrates life and it's fragrances,just for you!
The next time someone says''Mmmm,you smell good!!'',
Smile back at smellgoodspa for making your day refreshingly wonderful :)

-By Ayesha Siddiqua

Thank you, Ayesha.  We love it!