Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What's The Difference? Moisturizer/Emollient | Smell Good Spa™

Do you know the difference between a moisturizer and an emollient?  

  • Moisturizer- Something that adds moisture to skin.

What are moisturizers in bath and body products?
Aloe Vera Juice

Moisturizers are lotions and creams, and the skin benefits most when those products are applied throughout the day, and at night. 

  • Emollient- Something that softens the skin. Something that protects the skin. A term used to describe single ingredients, however, the finished product is called "moisturizer".

What are emollients in bath and body products?
Nut Butter, Fruit Butter
Plant Oil, Fruit Oil, Nut Oil

Emollients are better known as body butters; body balms; after-bath oils. Those products are excellent to use after bathing/showering. Emollients attract moisture to your skin and retain moisture in your skin.

Natural emollients work best on skin that is hydrated from the inside out. So...drink plenty of h2o and eat "live"green vegetables.

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