Tuesday, March 23, 2010

It's Wednesday, Baby!

We've been giving you the countdown for several days. We're pretty sure you want to know what is It's Wednesday, Baby!

It's Wednesday, Baby! Smell Goods '98™ bi-weekly celebratory giveaway!

It's "hump day"! Monday is so yesterday, and the weekend is on the horizon. It's Wednesday, Baby celebrates "your time"! Every two weeks, Smell Goods '98™ will offer one of their fine products to their Fans, for free! Be there!

It's Wednesday, Baby will officially stream on Facebook tomorrow (3/24/2010). Not only can our fabu Fans win, we are welcoming all social networkers (ningers, tweeples, facebookers)! It's Wednesday, Baby begins at 10 a.m., ends 9 p.m. est.