Monday, March 1, 2010

Indie Artisan Giveaway-2010! Lunaversoul!

Kicking off 2010 Indie Artisan Giveaway, with one of the Smell Goods Lady's favorites!

Open to US residents!

You must leave your first name along with email address to qualify for this giveaway.

This month's Indie Artisan Giveaway is being sponsored by Lunaversoul!

Lunaversoul- Greetings all, My name is CJ & I am owner & jewelry designer of Lunaversoul
At Lunaversoul you will find jewelry that is funky,eclectic,and soulful with a touch of ethnic flair.
Because all personalities are unique, It's only natural that each person wants their own piece of jewelry that allows them to express their individuality, compliments the style they want to achieve & is guaranteed to turn heads while adding that little extra spice to their favorite outfit.
Each piece is handcrafted using a wide variety of metals,semi-precious stones,feathers,seeds,& other materials which adds to the versatility of my collection.
Now because I know we all love to wear a special piece of jewelry that no one else has! A majority of my jewelry is made in limited in quantity's, or are one of a kind pieces..
So if your looking for that special bracelet, necklace, or set of earrings to add your already fresh style you have come to the right place.
I am constantly adding new items weekly so be sure to check back often!

To see more of my work visit the links below. Add me as a friend!





Genie Bottle Earrings-Retail value $35.

Antique brass bugle shaped wire wrapping around two Chrysocolla stone beads. Chrysocolla is a very beautiful bright green & blue stone with many beneficial energies. Chrysocolla is a stone of peace and tranquility. Chrysocolla is said to use its abilities gradually, allowing your body and mind to heal in a serene piece of mind.

No purchase is necessary to win. You simply have to visit Lunaversoul to take a look around. Leave a comment about one of the creations. Your comment is your entry. Only one comment per person, duplicate entries will be deleted.

Your comment should include:

-Your name and a way to reach you (email address) should you win.

-The name of your favorite item in the shop(s) or the URL to it.

The contest ends on Tuesday, March 16th 9 p.m.(est). The winner will be selected using


  1. Hi,
    My favorite piece is the Gadesha Earrings!
    Thanks for your beautiful work!
    Evangelist Cookie

  2. Diggin the Glamazon Cuff Bracelet and the Josephine Bracelet

  3. Love the Apala Necklace. I love how unique each of the pieces are. Lovely selection of beautiful pieces.

  4. My personal favorite is the Glamazon cuff bracelet.

    The purple stone is so bold!



    All of the jewelry is GORGEOUS! But I can't stop looking at the Tribeca Necklace.

  6. I am so excited to be introduced to this sista's art! It was difficult to just choose one piece of jewelry, but the Red Khepri Cuff definitely caught my attention the most! This year is my time to "renew" myself spiritually, mentally, and physically, so this cuff will definitely be a great representative of my internal changes!

  7. The Khepri Cuff in red is one of my favorite items listed on etsy in the Lunaversoul Shop. This cuff's design makes a powerful statement. It is also energized by the color red and a great deal of thought was put into the creation of this piece as well as all the others that I love in the shop. This artist is a lover of ancient history and this piece is very inspiring.
    Thomasina Jackson (

  8. Earrings catch my eye and I simply love the Sahara Earrings. The blue/green coloring is so warm. Your work is absolutely fabulous... or

  9. I really like the NuRu Hoop Earrings they're very pretty !!!

  10. Lady Illusuions

    I like the Universal Love Bracelet.

  11. I'm loving the Honey Bun ring. That is so me!

    My best, Lynn
    lynniecee (at) live (dot) com

  12. The Oceania necklace....breathtaking!!!!!! Nothing else to say...

  13. Andrea Judea GaryMarch 10, 2010 at 5:56 AM

    My name is Andrea Judea Gary
    ( my fav
    piece is Peace Within listed on
    I love all the pieces but I can't
    wait to add this piece to my Lunaversoul collection.

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  16. Lunarversoul your work is amazing!

    This is so unfair :)
    I love everything and it's hard to choose however for the moment I love the Arm Candies Stretch Bracelets.
    They are so cute and colorful!


  17. My favorite is the Oceania Necklace. It is so beautiful. Everything is beautiful!

  18. NuRu Hoop Earrings

    I'm lovin the rich colors. Little works of art for the ears : )


  19. What better representation of me than to wear these.. The Original Lady Soul Earrings ( BRASS VERSION ). Where on Earth and in the Heavens does your talent come from? Marvelous! Your photos compliment your museum quality pieces.. Outstanding! The direction you take with each piece is like unexpected beauty.. Lovely! And I don't even consider myself to be a jewelrynista. So I'm so very much impressed by your art!

  20. Hey!
    i absolutely love these feather earrings..they are good to go with every outfit n to make the outfit ravishing

  21. Hello :)
    i cant get my eyes off this necklace..its soo beautiful!

  22. Beautiful work! Her pieces scream "Inspired Artist". Those Theoris hoop earrings are the Fierceness! Love those!

  23. Love Love Love Lunaversoul Shop! These earrings are just to HAUTE!


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