Thursday, January 17, 2008

You Make It Beautiful

YMIB(you make it beautiful), is the most refreshing, inspirational, soul moving, online magazine that I have ever experienced! Ericka Taylor, editor-and-chief, is always working hard to bring relatable articles to her online readers. YMIB is not just any typical online magazine. Women of Color, can create their personal blogs, customize their profiles, and just simply network with each other. YMIB features women from all walks of life that have so much to offer to sisters around the globe. If you need knowledge or inspiration about family, health, beauty, spiriual walk, and/or female topics,I am positive that you will find it on YMIB! My personal favorite about YMIB, is that Ericka is approachable. Regardless of her super busy schedule of being wife, home-schooling mommy, and business woman, Ericka takes the time to post and respond to her online readers.

Visit YMIB today for pure inspiration.

Ericka Taylor's interview on Clutch Magazine.