Sunday, January 6, 2008

I..And When (A Disposable Child) C.J. Brooks

While spending time on one of my online networks (Black Business Women Online), I came across a woman, who I instantly admired. C.J. Brooks. C.J. Brooks is a VOCAL child abuse survivor. She is also the author of I..And When (A Disposable Child), her real-life story. When you visit her site, One Voice One Sound, you will understand the emphasis given on 'vocal'. I read through the entire site last night. The poem Options clenched my heart, not only because of the unadulterated words, but the fact that C.J. wrote this poem when she was 10! After seeing the age beside her name, I had to read the poem two more times! The content hit much deeper. I encourage you to visit One Voice One Sound right now. C.J. does not mix words, as you will note in Author's Message. Above all you will feel C.J.'s compassion that she has for her CAUSE. While you are there, sign the guestbook, show that you support the fight against child abuse, and that you disdain, abuse, rape, murder, and kidnapping of a child.