Tuesday, January 13, 2009

An Organic Love Discovery

Last week my sister (friend) was talking to me about her hair. She is going back to her natural, beautiful curly hair. No more Relaxers (she did not need them anyway)! The one thing that women ("black") are most surprised about when going natural is the dryness of the hair. Yes, natural hair needs plenty of hydration. Natural hair is very fragile and can easily break if not moisturized . Every curl has the potential for breakage. She is always online trying to find the best natural hair care products. So far she has been somewhat disappointed, but the hunt is still on. She was on the hunt for a shampoo, so I suggested Dr. Bonner's vegetable castile. Itiel, why did you suggest another brands vegetable castile when you sale a very healthy, luxurious vegetable castile product? I remember using Organic Love on my hair once and it took me awhile to rinse it out of these locs! But, then it hit me! On Dr. Bonner's bottle it reads, dilute, dilute, dilute! I did not dilute my base! The formulation for Organic Love is for the body. Ah ha! Diluting worked fantastically! I washed my daughters' hair last night and the softness and shine is just amazing. No squeakiness from the chemicals stripping the hair of natural oils, just nice fluffy natural locs.

Organic Love is an organic vegetable castile soap enriched with Raw African Black Soap (also for shampooing) and Green Papaya. No surfactants (SLS or the others). It is nourishing for the skin and now I (and you) know it is great for cleaning and moisturizing the hair!

To use as shampoo (for 8 oz):
-Use this mixture if you have to have suds. More suds does not equal clean.
1/2 cup of Organic Love, 1/2 cup purified water

-This mixture delivers nice suds, just not as much.
1/4 cup of Organic Love, 3/4 cup purified water

The style:
I styled my daughter's hair in a loop style. It is a two-in-one type of style for locs. It can be worn like this for weeks, then taken down to be very curly, like my profile pic. Take two locs and tie them like a shoestring (without the bows of course) continuously until you get to the ends, work ends back into loop or secure with black rubber bands.

FYI: Although there are many products that can help you achieve moisture for your hair and skin, remember that water is the best hydrator!