Friday, January 16, 2009

Empowering One Girl At A Time

In an October post I mentioned about how excited I was to be cross-marketing with another business. With months of communicating via email, I am pleased to announce that this endeavor has positive results.

It is true what they say, that "great minds think alike". As the owner of Black Girl Tees, an online t-shirt business that promotes the self-esteem of black women and girls, I am delighted to come together with Itiel McVay of Smell Goods '98 to support and uplift young women. 2009 is truly a year of change – this year, let's change the way our girls think about themselves and the world around them. In a society that assigns value to superficial traits, girls need affirmation that their true value lies within. They are beautiful gems to be treasured, adored and protected. In that context, we present to you this decorative poster to commemorate how truly awesome our girls are. It is our hope that the young women in your lives will feel the love and support you have for them with the gifting of this special item. For we know, just as you do, how precious the spirit of a girl truly is. Let's make sure that girls know this same truth. ~Anilia Arneus

How appropriate that we come together for this mission? The Stay Sweet Collection, a Smell Goods' creation, is a body care line for girls that promote self-worth with positive affirmations. The Stay Sweet Collection was created to enhance the inside and outside beauty.

Anilia Arneus has designed this poster just for Smell Goods. This decorative poster will be a gift with a purchase of the Stay Sweet Sugar Whip or the Stay Sweet Spritzer!

"Girls are: smart, beautiful, strong, courageous, funny, cute, important, graceful, feminine, blessed, divine, sweet, leaders, friends, loved, athletic, talented, priceless, just like me!"

Smell Goods '98 donates a percentage of sales from the Stay Sweet Collection to grass-root organizations. Such as The Teen L.U.V.E Program that is on the right sidebar.