Sunday, July 5, 2015

The 1 Effective Product I Won't Make For You this Summer

Shoo 17, the most email-inquired, "When are you going to make it? I love that stuff! It works!", highly effective insect repellant, will not be stirred up and poured for you this summer. I know... sigh. 

For several summers, I have enjoyed providing this organic (and it is truly organic) product to my customers. For those who attract vampire-insects magnetically, it is their kryptonite against such pest. Shoo 17 works because of the potpourri of 17 essential oils that warns insects to stay away. It also doubles as an after-bite spray. So, even if prevention slipped the mind before heading outdoors, the ingredients quickly help in aiding the infected area. Shoo 17 is truly a summer must-have; An essential product for anyone in a location with biting insects.

"Why Not?"

A few days ago, I went online to purchase the essential oil from my herbalist and I could not find it. A little anxious, I gave her a call, and this is the news I received: 'I'm sorry. We are no longer carrying that blend. Too many complaints about skin sensitivity and irritations. In fact, we are discontinuing all essential oils.' Wait. What? I thought about Shoo 17. I thought about all the customers who inquired about its return, and were waiting for it. I thought about the shoppers who might just get the chance to try a truly organic insect repellant this summer. I really wanted to beg her to bring the essential oil blend back, but instead I said, "I understand", and hung up the phone. Because I really do understand.

The 'skin sensitivity and irritations' aren't due to an inferior product. In many cases, it is because of the lack of education that many consumers possess, and that many merchants and creators of bath & body products are not offering. Essential oils have been used wisely for centuries, but with the gradual commercial fanfare and many companies using label appeal, I understand why consumers are clearing the shelves, and seeking distributors who sell them. I understand, but, I don't agree with it. Almost everyone has the opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding about how to care for their body. 

Consumers need to know & merchants/creators/distributors should share:

  • Essential oils should always be used with a carrier oil. Many skin irritations occur from applying the essential oil directly to the skin from the bottle; not enough carrier oil is used, or, the wrong carrier oil is used (even when creating a product); the ratio of the essential oil exceeds the carrier oil.
  • Not all essential oils are for babies or children. It is recommended that many essential oils should not be used on children under the age of 13. 
  • Consumers should consult a physician about adding essential oils to their health regimen, especially if one is pregnant, has high blood pressure or epilepsy. 
  • There are very few essential oils that can be used in the bath, especially if epsom salt or Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) are being used (both are transdermal)
  • Dilute Dilute Dilute

To all of the creators and suppliers who are reading this: I know and I hear you. No matter how much information we provide, we cannot be in the homes of consumers. If you are doing your part, continue. For those suppliers and creators who cater to fanfare and label appeal, you are making it a challenge for us who do care about consumers and their families. 

This supplier has served me for almost 10 years. As I seek out another domestic supplier, I'm hoping that I will find another superior product, so that I can bring back Shoo 17.

If you're wondering why 17 randomly selected essential oils can't be used to make this product, please educate yourself on essential oils. 

Be Whole,