Monday, December 17, 2012

Fragrance and the Heighten Love Affair | Smell Good Spa™

The energy that surges through my body when his hand touches the small of my back... Non-verbal, spirit-connected "I love you" lingering in silence, as I'm pulled more into his embrace... Stimulated olfactory senses coaxing him towards my pulse points....

Why would I talk about something so sensual here?  I am a woman.  I am a wife.  Woman-to-woman; wife-to-wife, having a sweet, body aroma that his senses refuse to ignore, heightens your love affair - enhancing the live good, feel good, smell good experience.

Every season, I select a personal IT scent from our fragrance collection.  12 Tribes customized in Marinade, IT, and it soon became the Snuggle Scent.  I don't know - China Doll is on the list for winter, but the way things are going, 12 Tribes might have to stay around for awhile. *Wink*

Having a love affair with a man you trust explicitly - beautiful.  Pheromones intertwined with your signature fragrance oil, as a bouquet of attraction - priceless.

So what do you have Him snuggling up to these days?