Friday, August 31, 2012

Hair's-A-Cure | Smell Goods '98™

My heart has always gravitated to the well being of those who are in need, and sincerely desire help.  When it comes to critical diseases such as cancer, that gravitational pull does not go towards supporting the cure, as much as the daily needs of the underserved.

Lindsey Compton, a young woman with a big heart/desire, contacted me with an ambitious project to raise money for Pin-A-Sister, Chicago, IL., and to create the Hair's-A-Cure foundation.

I wanted to share Lindsey's project with you, and if you are lead to support it (in anyway), please do so:

Did You KnowOf the estimated 34(%) percent of African American women diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011, nearly 19(%) percent of them passed away – that’s over 6,000 lives taken due to this disease. Lindsey Compton, the 22-year-old Founder and CEO, wants to change that statistic for good.

Hair's A Cure is a breast cancer foundation that seeks to celebrate the love of healthy black hair & body while raising awareness and funds for breast cancer treatments – predominantly in the African American race. As HAC’s motto goes, it strives to Promote Hair Just As Healthy As Breasts.

The question then becomes, Why another organization? What about Susan G. Komen and others? 

The reality is that only 77 percent of African American women who are diagnosed with breast cancer survive compared to 90 percent of Caucasian, non-Hispanic women,” Compton said. “If 90(%) percent of all Caucasian women diagnosed with breast cancer can survive then why not the same percentage in the African American race? Simple. The money and support is not there even when people claim it is.”

The HAC foundation knows over time that it can decrease the mortality rate, which is currently 41 (%) percent higher than the Caucasian, non-Hispanic race and any other race for that matter. “Hair’s A Cure will help increase the survival rate, and teach women about the importance of our health from the soles of our feet to the ends of our hair strands,” Lindsey said.

HAC has its kickoff breast cancer fundraiser and hair show in Chicago, IL on October 20th. If you’re interested in helping, attending and/or sponsoring, visit

Currently the founder is looking for donations to help pay the money needed to submit its 501(c)(3) non-profit paperwork. If you’re interested in donating, please visit