Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Did You Know that Dead Skin Cells Equals Hydrated Skin? | Smell Good Spa™

Want to use your scrumptious, edible-smelling body polish every day of the week?  DON'T.   Often received in my inbox, "Why can I only use the body polish/scrub 2-3 days a week?"

Your skin will become dehydrated.  Thus causing other problems: dry skin, lines, wrinkles, irritation/burning.

How is that possible?

Dead skin cells are needed for "good skin".  There's a 28-day life cycle for a living skin cell to become a dead skin cell, and sheds away.  When living, the skin cell retains its own core of moisture, thus it cannot hold anymore, and it will not receive anymore.  Exposing live cells to the atmosphere dehydrates them.  On the contrary, when dead, skin cells perk up and bring in all the moisture from the atmosphere.  If over-exfoliating occurs (over the suggested days), or having a harsh chemical peel, all dead skin cells are removed, leaving the living skin cells to fend for themselves.  You may have a lot of shiny new skin, but it won't be happy.  Ouch!

Alaea Sea Salt Polish

So why am I exfoliating?

Dead skin cells play a vital role in the comfort of your skin.  But remember that 28-day life cycle?  Skin is always shedding and regenerating, however, cell regeneration starts to slow down as you mature.  Imagine not exfoliating and dead skin cells begin piling up -- dull-looking skin.  Dead skin cells remain on the surface of the skin for two weeks, and two weeks later they are pushed off by more dead skin.   Exfoliating allows you to only remove the dead skin cells that are ready to be shed.  Removing those dead skin cells from the surface gives you healthy, glowing skin.

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