Friday, June 15, 2012

Woman Entrepreneur : Myisha Croom-Turner

Woman Entrepreneur: Myisha Croom-Turner
Who Is She: wife, mother, daughter, sister, bohemian jewelry designer, wearer & seller of feminine, bohemian garb (I love it ALL!)
Mantra: be free. be unique.

Personal Note: Another beautiful person that I met online in 2007.  From the moment I saw one of Myisha's bauble creations, I was hooked, and knew that I would buy her creations from years to come. I really like her... She is girlie stylish; I "oooo" over pictures that I see of her and her family;  And she just seems super cool to chill-out with (I am drama-free. LOL.)  This year for my birthday, another great woman in my network bought me a bracelet, created by Myisha.  This woman did not know how fond I already was of Myisha and her baubles; she didn't know she was adding to my collection.  I thought that was just AWESOME!  

My Mission: My goal is to create fun, fashionable, and unique bohemian style jewelry that goes beyond the changing trends. I like creating pieces that can be worn today or 10 years from now and still be very boho chic!

My motto: Why are your trying so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out?

Inspiring, right!

How do I stay connected to this fabulous Light?
Facebook Tell her that ~I. sent you (she'll get a kick out of that).