Wednesday, May 30, 2012

From The Desk of Itiel McVay | Smell Goods '98™

Dear Smell Goods Customer:

I thought about you the other day.  Paying a visit to other online retailers, in the bath and body business, is something that I do from time-to-time.  On my most recent visit, I was met with popular faces and exotic ingredients for label appeal, but not enough beneficial information to help a shopper make an informed decision.  

During my childhood I learned harshly how to mind my business (head nod to my sibling, cousins, and classmates).  I allow my personal lessons to mirror what I offer...I am literally minding my business.  What am I doing to help my customers in making an informed decision?  This is the question that I posed to myself.  It's easy to get caught up in the hype, ring the bells, and blow the whistles.

Before leaving for vacation, I dedicated time to put the website on maintenance, and updated the descriptions on our products. An educated shopper, like yourself, still deserves a FYI.  Wouldn't you agree?   

Now when you visit the site, to make a purchase, you'll see the listed benefits for each product.  You'll see words Thought To and Found To.  We follow the cosmetic guidelines suggested by the FDA, by not stating claims to a cosmetic, even when those ingredients are effective in helping the skin.  In taking your largest organ into more consideration, you can find thorough information about the ingredients used, in the What's In It? Series.  I shouldn't shrug my shoulders and expect my customers to Google ingredients found on the label.   This series is ongoing.  I encourage you to follow via Goggle Friend Connect, Subscribe, or Follow By Email, all can be found to the right.  

In all honesty, I can only be concerned about you, our customer, and what is used in our products, to help you maintain a live good, feel good, smell good experience.

To your health & xo
Your Product Creator,


  1. As LL Cool J put it, "Doing it, doing it, and doing it well." Please continue with the "From the desk of..." because it frankly shows what you do in the background of your operations that even I had not considered. We are all consumers, but in this selection of the crowd few ever care to produce, and your guidance gives just that; the encouragement through knowledge to produce. I keep telling my wife I feel inadequate at times in reaching more about Smell Goods '98, and mainly it has to do with labels entertaining but not educating. You always put yourself in "our" shoes, so know your food for thought is nourishing. Keep the recipes coming!

  2. Awesomeness! I love that you stay true to who you and your brand are. We (your customers) respect and love that.

  3. ...and this is why my family are fans & users for life! Thank you Smell Goods Lady.



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