Monday, May 21, 2012

FIRST Vlog {Awakening}|Smell Goods '98™

Win 2 Lush Body Butters......


  1. Well, as usual, as expected, as we all know, you know how to BRING IT!!!!! Awakening appropriately & certainly defines and shines who you are, what you have and continue to become, and undoubtedly make us, your loyal listeners, do: AWAKE! Itiel, it has been 14 years, and I am so glad I am not tired of you. What you and your family allow us to share in your legacy is precious and whether leaving your mark by razzle-dazzling our senses or making others who encounter you through us as, they, pause............ "Mmmmmm, you smell good!!!!," our smiles grow even wider because once again, your tagline comes through. A plethora of amazes & praises come to mind, yet one aptly sums up our sentiment of Smell Goods '98: You are appreciated. Daps, high fives & hugs, and of course: A Standing Ovation..... Are. All. For. You.

  2. One of my Peeps from our vending days! Love it! Thank you so much. *Cheesing*


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