Monday, April 2, 2012

3 Solutions for Uneven Skin Tone Due to HyperPigmentation | Smell Good Spa™

I love my dark chocolate skin!  Being one of my favorite physical attributes, my skin motivates me to remain consistent with my skincare routine -- water intake; healthy eating; exercise; giving special attention to pimples, burns, blisters; and taking preventive measures before spending major time in the sun (which I love).  Truly, the increase of melanin in my skin is a gift, giving me extended protection from the sun, and slowing down the process of skin aging. But, like many with this gift, uneven pigmentation can be an issue.  Hyperpigmentation.

The effect of an increase in melanin, the substance in the body that is responsible for color.

There are several causes for hyperpigmentation (pregnancy, antibiotics, illness, etc.), but exposure to sunlight is the major one.  Let's say you have a pimple that accidentally gets ruptured (mmhmm, stop popping those pimples), you go out for a day in the sun, the next day, you notice a dark spot were the pimple use to be.  Maybe you already have dark patches on your skin, and after spending a day out in the sun, those patches have become even darker.  Why is that?  Melanin protects your skin when it is being overexposed to the sunlight, but in order to do that, the skin has to absorb the sun's ultraviolet rays.  Hence, dark spots/darker patches.

When speaking of uneven pigmentation, many solely reference the face as the victim.  The face is the most exposed area on the body, but hyperpigmentation happens all over. With warm weather returning, arms and legs are anxious to make their appearance.  Be sure you're ready to protect your bronzy glow.

Cleanse- To aid your skin in regenerating pigment due to skin damage (blisters, burns, skin infections), use moisturizing cleansers high in vitamins and vegetable oils twice a day.

Exfoliate- For skin cell regeneration and a youthful glow, don't forget to exfoliate.  This time of year calls for scrubs that are fine in texture.  Plus, it's spring/summer time, so get something fun!  Sugar!  Use exfoliants to gently remove dead skin for a healthy-skin-glow, and for even skin tone.

Moisturize- For a topical shade use wholesome emollients infused with vegetable/fruit oils and raw butters. These products help in defending your skin against UV rays (however, they are not a substitute for sunscreen).  They are light in weight, making them excellent for warm-weather jaunts.

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