Friday, March 23, 2012

Woman Entrepreneur:Larie Writes

Woman Entrepreneur: Larie Writes
Who Is She: wife, mother, author, box destroyer, culinary artist
Mantra: My Mess is Your MESSage.

Personal Note: Last summer, I received this Facebook message: "Hey, I'll be in your city in 2 weeks.  Do you want to meet up."  "Sure."  Hmm, she seems pretty cool...we'll see (hopeful for a good connect).  Two weeks later...Panera Bread.  Connection.  Turns out, Larie has become a special person in my life. 

I am just simply Larie first.  There are many facets of Larie, but only a few that are dear; a wife of Anton for 15 years which during that space, birthed me as a mother of 3 amazingly- audacious individual personalities, (2 daughters & 1 son).  I’m an advocate for living unapologetically, authentically & unashamed!

I have both of these can't-put-down gems.  Both books are about Larie's 'Mess'.  Walk away (or, as I did, lay on the bed) feeling enlighten and inspired to live your best, authentic life. 

I live by laughter and sharing.  Laughing frees so much of me that I feel new.  It calms me, it loves me, it-makes-me-exhale.  Sharing my imperfect-perfections is how I encourage others to not merely step out, but tear down their boxes!  Sharing also allows me to reach those who have silently struggled because they felt alone.  “My Heart Speaks…™”

Inspiring, right!

How do I stay connected to this fabulous Light?

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  1. She is a beautiful inspiration! Glad to know of her and her work. I was just browsing through her blog last night. I left feeling full and satisfied. Thanks for sharing!

  2. You went all the way back to the initial email! LOL Thank you so much for allowing me to be one of those special persons in your life; it's a soul-stirring honor.


  3. I'm already a huge Larie fan, and it's great to see you share her shine on your blog! I've also read both of her books, and her candor and talent for raw, written word is nothing shy of divine!! Thank you for sharing!


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