Thursday, February 16, 2012

How to Accept Yourself and Be Confident_Identity Magazine :: Taking Chances

My tip for How to Accept Yourself and Be Confident is live, on Identity Magazine.  This isn't my first contribution to the online magazine.... Becoming an "expert contributor" expert contributor is part of my 360 evolution--taking chances.  You've probably noticed the affix, taking chances, in a few post titles.  I plan on sharing more about that evolution in another post (I think).

In December 2011, I happened (so I think) to check out my timeline on Twitter.  I saw a tweet (well, it actually jumped out at me) asking for people to share about a feel-good gift.  Seeing that feel good is part of my soul-mantra, I automatically clicked the link to contribute.  Then...  I.  Clicked.  Out.  Of.  The.  Page.  DOUBT.  One thing I've accepted about evolving is that "she" is always going to appear.  Who is "she"?  The other part of you.  The other part of me.  The flip side.... You can throw "her" off  her game by embracing her.  Nope you can't get rid of her you.  "I know you are here, but I've been allowing you to rule, for decades.  It's my turn, my time.  I've cultivated too much to not take these chances.  So, me, I'm gonna shine *In my Estelle voice*."

See, I'm getting off my topic.  I'll do another blog post about that evolution (I think).

I told King T. about the tweet, he said, 'That's you all day, baby'.  :o)))))

I think the words were waiting to be typed.  My heart, brain, and fingers took over, and in no time, I submitted my contribution.  Out of 52 entries, 19 were selected......mine was one of them.  I just giggled so hard when they sent me the Live email.  The Warrior Princesses joined in on the giggles, and they gave me their sincere, 'Good job, mommy'.

Feel-good Gifts

Boom #1!

"OK, that's it.  This is my only contribution.  I'm good."  Man.  Why did my eyes catch that CONTRIBUTE tab.  Hand to mouse.  Click.  Two weeks later.... We would like for you to share your tips on getting a boost.  Again, I was ready.

My tip was accepted, again.

Give your Mind, Body and Brain a Boost

Yes, I know that's not me in the picture.  When I saw other women showing who they were, I was like, WHAT.  Now I know.  Those who know me, know I have no problem with putting my picture up.  LOL.

Boom #2!

During that same week... We would like to know How to Accept Yourself and Be Confident, since February is the month of love.  At the time of receiving this email, I was sitting outside waiting for one of the Warrior Princesses to come out of theatre class.  Sharing my experiences about my evolving period is something I do willingly, to help other women to see that they can be happy, in all aspects of their life.  I immediately begin typing in my Notes.  The submission wasn't due for another week, but why wait, right?  I would be ready.

I think 13 entries were submitted.  I got the Live email, so happy that I did, I really hope I can encourage, Her.

The submission form only allows 800 characters.  So much I wanted to say.  Since you are a reader of my blog, you get to read the part I could not submit.

This part goes with Stepping out of your comfort zone:

Sometimes, we fall short of confidence, because it could've been snuffed during childhood, or as a young adult.  Let's say you're offered an opportunity to write for an e-zine. You're somewhat apprehensive, because you were muted as a child, for being so expressive.  You're now in a comfort zone of being "silent", but at your core, that isn't you... Step out!

How to Accept Yourself and Be Confident-I'm On the Road

Boom #3!

Taking Chances,