Monday, July 19, 2010

Oh, BABY! That Was a Great Quickie!

My desire is to inspire women in business, to aspire to be the best that they can, in all aspects of their lives. Itiel

No, not that kind of quickie.  I'm talking about the other "tension reliever".  ;)

From time to time, I like to speak on the subject of health.  Exercise is essential to living your best life as a woman.  A woman who is running a home and a business needs to stay healthy, and might I add, sexy.

Working Out is a high interest of mine.  For the past several months Jillian Michaels and Tony (P90x) have been my "buddies".  There have been some months (like this month) when my schedule is full.  I have to get my workouts in, and this is where the quickies come in handy.  I thought I share with you, what I've been doing 3x a week this month:

  • Cardio:
    30 jumping jacks
    30 jump rope
    30 jabs in sumo position (deep)
  • front and back leg lunges ( 2 sets/10 reps per lunge) w/ weights in hand
  • Cardio
  • dead lifts (2 sets/15 reps) w/ weights
  • Cardio
  • wide leg squats (2 sets/15 reps) w/ weights
  • Cardio
  • inner and outer thigh standing leg lifts (2 sets/ 10 reps per leg) w/ exercise bands- Can be done with ankle weights, or, no added resistance at all.
  • Cardio
  • Cool down

Always topping off my workout with a recovery drink.

In between days I do the Perfect Push-Up system.  This targets the arms and the Core.

To Your Health,


  1. I LOVE IT!! Kris and I have been immersed in P90X mode for the past few months too (it's our second round), and I love it. But I also love yoga, my bellydance tapes, and the occasional 30-day shred when I can stand it :)

    My philosophy is to get it in wherever I can, so if it's something as simple as 25 pushups and some lunges around the room one day, it's better than not doing a single thing.

    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I love switching it up too, Execumama. Yes, I share in that philosophy. It is my hope that more Execumamas will catch on to it. Whether it's 25 push ups, jumping rope for 5 mins, or lunges, the body will respond in a positive way. Keep staying healthy and sexy. ;)

  3. Great piece Itiel! I've thought of trying P90X. Heard it was the real deal, and agree, we ladies have to stay healthy AND SEXY! I need to raise my sexy quotient a bit! Motherhood has a way of dampening it if you're not conscious. Thanks for sharing!


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