Sunday, November 22, 2009

Your Daily Food For Thought.

These are tweets by The Daily Motivator, Ralph Marston. These are words that I believe in, live by, have said myself (in a different way), and just plain like. I thought you might enjoy being motivated. Besides, only you can do it!

1.Who decides what makes you miserable and what makes you happy? You do.
2.Another person's negative attitude is that person's problem & doesn't have to dictate your behavior in any way.
3.What matters is not so much the size of your next step. What really matters is the direction.
4.You'll never be happy with what you acquire if you can't enjoy what you already have.
5.Live with hope, yet not with more hope than effort.
6.Imagine being free of the things that hold u back. It takes so little effort to let them fall gently away from you.
7.What you're able to do doesn't really matter much unless you actually do it.
8.When your reasons to move forward outweigh your excuses for staying put, you will move forward.
9.Rid your mind of all inner conflict, and the outer conflicts will not matter.