Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Why Mojito Sugar Smoother?

What is it?:Mojito Sugar Smoother brings together fine, organic sugar crystals, pure fruit oil, and ingredients high in minerals. So succulent...Close your mouth, you're drooling. Superb for banishing dead skin, hydrating the skin, conditioning the skin, and making you smell good.

  • Sugar Crystals-Fine crystals saturated in just the right amount of oil-no skin irritation.
  • Marine Minerals- Kelp and Dead Sea Clay. Pulling toxins out of skin. Restoring minerals beneficial to skin.
  • Fruit Oil-Food Grade. High in vitamin E, omega 6 (fatty acids), minerals, and antioxidants. Slightly astringent for tightening and toning the skin.
Who needs it?: Anyone who desires a fun yet effective way to exfoliate. Everyone that cares about the skin they are in.

Inspired by Cuba's world famous beverage. No worries about extra calories, this is a guilt free treat! Mojito Sugar Smoother is scented with a scrumptious lime mint fragrance.

Mojito Sugar Smoother