Sunday, August 9, 2009

Indie Artisan Give-away! Two Sponsors!!

Congratulations to last month's winners, Christine and Michaela!

Open to U.S. and Canada residents only.

This month's Indie Artisan Give-away is being sponsored by Uzuri Designs and Myla's Bags!

Yes, you can enter to win both!

Uzuri Designs-Jewelry meant to capture and enhance your inner beauty.

Green Goddess Jeweled Bra Straps! Retail value $25.

Myla's Bags-An online boutique that offers handcrafted handbags, custom handbags and accessories.

Downtown Clutch! Retail value $20.

No purchase is necessary to win. You simply have to go to Uzuri Designs' Etsy shop and Myla's Bags Official Website and take a look around. Leave a comment. Your comment is your entry. Only one comment per person, duplicate entries will be deleted.

Your comment should include:

-Your name and a way to reach you (email address) should you win.

-The name of your favorite item in the shop(s) or the URL to it.

The contest ends on Monday, August 24th at 9 p.m.(est). The winner will be choosen randomly and announced on Tuesday, August 25th.

P.S. I am a big fan of both these ladies' work!


  1. Thanks smell good lady,
    I am familiar with Myla's bags but hadn't heard of Uzuri Designs Etsy shop. Mmmm, both of their designs are may weakness: jewlery and purses. LOL

    Thanks have a great week!
    Pamela King
    CMB Virtual Assistants

  2. Your comment should include:

    -Pamela King (

    -Elegant Line necklace:

    -Green tribal lexi:

    Pamela S. King, MBA
    Virtual Assistance Manager
    Relief for the Busy Executive
    CMB Virtual Assistants
    206.376.0735 (o) 801.605.6526 (f)

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  4. I'm loving Black Lariat by Uzuri and the Downtown Shoulder Bag in Midnight Kisses by Myla. Thanks for sharing the new sites with us!

    Candace @

  5. And as if we are surprised?! I have often wondered just how you create what you do. While we as your customers receive the end result, to determine what should and should not go into what you make, I know it is a lot of work to research. Perhaps it is like, as an illustrator, how you learn what mediums (oil paints, airbrush, charcoal, pencils) will work best on particular surfaces (canvas, watercolor paper, vellum paper, drywall for murals). It takes time and patience, trial and error in some instances, and just plain stick-to-itiveness! In your case, you have to measure the ingredients differently for soaps versus whip creams versus body scrubs. I still marvel at how you have grown over the years; from selling out of a shoebox at UNCC, to personal delivery to mail order. Even when you offered loaf soaps and candles (and having to stop the candle-making because it was so time consuming), you and Tovijah have written a story that in some ways I feel I could write, although you two are still the authors. Wow, until now, I had not realized just how much of an impact you two have had on me. It is truly a blessing to reflect on just how much you have left your mark that goes beyond Smell Goods '98. Only the two of you truly know the rigors of what you do, but I am proud of you, if I may so to you. Shalom.

  6. My favourite item is the Mystic Blue at
    Please enter my name in your draw. Thanks.
    wandanamgreb (at) gmail (dot) com

  7. Valaira Sa-Ra Smith or

    Uzuri Designs

    Loe the tan linen flower mascara bag from Myla's Bags

  8. I really liked the Kleo print in a Jenna bag on Myla's website as for Uzuri Designs I loved the Earthy A Line necklace perfect for me.

    Great prices also.Good day:)

  9. What?! Nothing for the men?! Ah, well, I still love the experience of learning what makes a woman say, "Girl....." Uzuri's site has wonderful earthtones, and while I make more use of pastel colors presently, Jade Eardrops and Wooden Dangles caught my attention. Myla's site has the plaid bags I think I could offer as a gift, and watch them get put to great use. Midnight Kisses in black and red has a common combination of color, but not in the particular elegance I see with this belt, which would be a definite highlight. It seems most men's fashions are based on aspects of women wear, so I am glad I have learned if these sites.


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