Monday, June 8, 2009

6 Summer Skincare Tips | Smell Good Spa™

Who's ready for summer?  Isn't that a crazy question? Really. Who isn't ready for summer?  Summer brings us such a great bounty of vibrant colors, yummy fruits, early sunrises and late-evening sunsets. Above all, it brings us what we've longed for all winter....the warmth from the sun. Just like every summer, I plan to appreciate this season by not spending too much time indoors. How about you?  However, in order to get the best from this enjoyment, I'll be using these 6 skincare tips for healthy living throughout the summer. Join me.

6 Summer Skincare Tips

1. Drink plenty of water and eat a good amount of fruits and vegetables, to keep skin hydrated. Add skinless cucumbers to your water to jazz things up.  Lemons are also known to work from the inside-out, giving a youthful glow.

2. Allow your skin to breathe. Avoid moisturizers with mineral oil and petroleum ingredients. These products clog pores, and therefore, prevents toxins from being removed properly.

3. For a sexy, healthy glow, exfoliate your skin 3 times a week to remove dead skin cells.

4. Protect the immune system. Your skin is one of your body's natural defenses. Skin forms an effective barrier against these invaders: bacteria, virus, and fungus. Use pure, bacteria fighting antioxidant ingredients: grape seed oil, castor oil, raw butters, tea tree, shea oil, sesame oil, etc.; and,   keep the skin clean with vegetable based soap.

5. Stepping out in shorts or skirts this summer? Keep those pores clean. Use a bath brush with stiff bristles during each shower/bath.

Heading Outdoors!

6. Limit your outdoor time this summer, especially when the sun is at its highest. Products with raw shea butter and natural products with Zinc (UV blocker) can protect the skin from the sun.  Apply a yummy dose of citrus butter, because vitamin C suppresses the increase of melanin, when the skin has been overexposed to the sun (hyper-pigmentation).   Also, body sprays infused with aloe vera are excellent for soothing overheated skin.

Happy Summer!

Be Whole,