Thursday, April 16, 2009

How Are You Doing With This Thing? Ning?

Last week I took a page from the Verizon tv promos. I picked my own network. My Facebook page went from 99 to 68 (now 72, I think). Now 99 may not have been much from the jump, as I see many folks that I am connected with have over 200. However, the question in my mind is, "Are they all networking?" If they are not, that is a total waste. My Twitter page and Myspace page are next on the list. I have already left many Nings.

Anyway, my network is a collective group of professional individuals who offer services to help Indies, and professional Indies. My network is built on two aspects:
1) Those who I support by showing patronage to their business, through encouraging words, and/or helping them make business connections.
2) Those who support my business by showing patronage, uplift me through encouraging words, and/or help me make business connections.

So, I am not looking for 200 plus people who just sit there and read my posts (or not).

Ning is another social media. I truly like the concept of Ning, I believe it is more laid out for business networking. However, some of the Nings that I have been a member of, have been somewhat disappointing. The first Ning that I joined was in the 100's when I became a member. So you can imagine the positive networking that took place. This Ning is for woman, and we truly supported each other. As a matter of fact, my network still consist of some of those wonderful women. However, the Ning started to grow and today it is well over 5000 members. Did I mention this was in a years time? Yes! So now members are getting lost in the "sea", some original members are not as active or have left completely.

About six months ago, I became a member of another Ning for women. This Ning is not as massive as the other, the creator is looking for quality not quantity. What I enjoy most about this network, is that the creator promotes your business as much as she can. She also introduces members to each other, that she feel can benefit from each other. This Ning could be better, if the members interacted more.

Building a network? Put forth genuine effort.


  1. You know, I totally agree with you about the nings. I left a few also because it was jumping and I found myself reaching out and got no feed back, not even a hello. Im starting to clean house also.

  2. My breath was taken away as I read this post. It is so refreshing to know that someone else feels the same way I do about some of these networks/groups. You were one of the first people I connected with via a Ning and I am so glad that we did. You have been such an inspiration to me and my endeavors. Thanks for sharing and I too am on the road to "Quality and not Quanity Networking"

  3. Thanks for the post. It is always a good idea to reevaluate where you are at with the social networks. Me personally, I know that in order to get your name out there, you have to put yourself out there. But I need balance and time to be spread out everywhere. I am currently looking at all the networks I am on and deciding if it is worth my time. Yes you get from your business what you put out, but you have to have balance.

  4. I will say this one thing, coming around to the blogs cracks me up because I see EVERYONE I know from certain networks. RosalynScent, Davida and Dcyrill are people with whom I have contact on a semi-regular basis.

    I write all that to say, yes, it is important to choose a network that will work for you and your business, if you have one.

    Just like you wrote, Itiel, you have to sample the networks and choose what works best for you and yours.

    I too have had experience with the same ning networks - but it served its purpose, didn't it, since we all now "know" each other.

  5. CeeCee, yes it did, yes it did. Thanks for commenting.


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